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18th April 2024

Cyberpunk Roguelite Shooter ‘ArcRunner’ Is Out Now On Consoles!

Available Now On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch & Steam

Engage in intense gunfights with a vast arsenal of cybernetic weaponry as you attempt to reset an A.I. gone rogue in this beautiful cyberpunk-styled action roguelite. With an electrifying synthwave soundtrack, immerse yourself in the neon-lit cyberpunk cityscapes as you strategically navigate each zone. Make crucial decisions on augmented upgrades and mould your character to progressively overcome the challenges met in each level. Choose to brave the fight on your own, or unite with up to two friends and fight back the robotic hordes in three-player online co-op!

  • Clash in Adrenaline Fuelled Gunfights With A Diverse Arsenal of Looted Weapons: Experiment with an array of cybernetic firearms as you adapt your tactics continuously to confront the relentless and ever-evolving robotic threat.
  • Play Solo or With Friends to Annihilate A.I. Together: Embark on your mission solo or unite with up to two friends for a cooperative assault on rogue AI… Strategize and coordinate your tactics seamlessly to navigate the challenges within ‘The Arc’ and emerge victorious.
  • Navigate Stunning Cyberpunk-inspired Towns and Cityscapes: Battle through multiple zones, each with uniquely generated levels, from the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of ‘The City’ to the luxurious ‘Eden Heights’.
  • Augment and Adapt To The Ever-Evolving Challenge: Select augmented upgrades between levels to fortify your capabilities after conquering each zone. Be careful, as the loss of life results in the forfeiture of all your hard-earned augments!
  • Earn Nanites For Meta-Progression: Earn nanites during each run and purchase powerful meta-progression upgrades in the cryo-chamber to return on every run stronger than before!
  • Confront Formidable Bosses: Engage in tense battles against mighty rogue bosses. These towering foes, equipped with devastating weaponry and unique abilities, will put your combat skills to the ultimate test.
  • Electrifying Synthwave Soundtrack Drives The Chaos: Skilfully obliterate rogue machines while a head-nodding syntonic backing track intensifies the thrill of the battle.

Check Out the 'ArcRunner' Console Launch Trailer:


Become the ultimate tactical operative by selecting your android body from one of three distinctive classes: Soldier, Ninja, or Hacker, tailored to your preferred playstyle. Each one has their specialities, but which suits your style?

The Soldier

A combat specialist and an expert with all kinds of weaponry, the Soldier is the definition of versatility. With a higher health pool than the other classes and a protective energy shield that deflects incoming attacks, they can take much more damage and stay in the fight for longer.

With a close range Energy Hammer, the Soldier can knockback opponents if they get too close, and cause massive damage.

The Ninja

A master of surprise hit-and-run style attacks, the Ninja moves faster and is more nimble than other classes. They will also have an extra dodge charge, allowing them to get out of trouble with ease. With an invisible stealth cloak, the Ninja is able to hide from enemies while preparing for a devastating sneak attack.

Utilising a katana, the Ninja can melee attack with a quick 3-hit combo, where the final blow deals double damage.

The Hacker

An infiltration and subversion specialist, the Hacker can employ new strategies such as hacking enemies to fight on their side, but is the most physically weak. The Hacker can overload enemies cores to deal big damage, but the larger the target, the more special energy is used.

Without a close ranged weapon, the Hacker instead uses a shock blast attack, dealing damage to all enemies nearby.


Take on the rogue AI together with up to three players in online multiplayer. Coordinate your tactics and battle plan as you attempt to reset an AI gone rogue!

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