Super Bullet Break is a one-of-a-kind strategy deck builder inspired by your favourite gacha games. Filled with a wild bunch of cute and colourful characters – ‘Bullets’ – each and every one of them unique in their own way. Rescue the online game world from total destruction in Super Bullet Break, where online multiplayer games have been taken over by a rogue AI! Can you save the world, defeat enemies in strategic turn-based battles and beat Super Bullet Break ?


Online games all over the world have been corrupted, infected by the mysterious Buggos. Three gamers (Akari, Hikaru, and Sumire) are contacted by a mysterious girl called Nayuta to help them play through the games, defeat the Buggos, and restore the games and their characters to normal.


Based on one of the world’s oldest games, Monochrome Tactics features primarily black and white imagery and bosses inspired by chess pieces and tactics. Its first boss is Ruy Lopez, a no-nonsense knight determined to bring justice back to the realm. With her aid, you’ll go up against King Duchtoli, a maniacal female demon guarding the final level. On your first playthrough, you’ll play with Akari, who has a basic deck with no special abilities. Much like chess, planning ahead is essential to beating Monochrome. You’ll need to pay attention to enemy attack patterns and abilities, and stack shields and armor to fend off the most brutal blows.


Seasons of Love is inspired by classic Japanese dating sims and wholesome high-school romance. The ‘Seasons’ Bullets are a quirky cast of girls bringing to life all the tropes of the genre, from those that want to share their lunchbox with you to the ones that’ll spit you out for not paying them enough attention. This level’s main mechanic is ‘Heartsplosion’: get your gauge up to 100, and you’ll delay your enemies attacks to do even more damage. Building the gauge can take a while, so it’s important to have a long-term strategy, especially in boss fights!


This level features the Deepsea Orchestra, a colourful group intent on captivating the world with their rhythms and melodies. Aquarhythm Deep is inspired by classic rhythm games like Taiko no Tatsujin, and features music- and water-themed items and abilities. This level introduces the Combo Gauge mechanic: every time the gauge gets to a multiple of 10, a random enemy gets hit with 30 damage. Use this to your advantage, because Aquarhythm often has you fighting multiple enemies at once (beware of the worms!).


More gritty and ‘mature’ than any of the previous stages, Phoenix Gunner is a throwback to classic mecha games (girls + guns = fun) with steampunk elements. The Phoenix Bullets differ significantly from previous ones, many of them bioweapons that have been genetically enhanced with bird DNA. In Phoenix Gunner, drone mechanics come into play – the effects of attack, defence, and healing drones stack and are applied at the end of every turn! Use drones wisely to compliment your play style and defeat the eponymous Phoenix Gunner!


Super Bullet Break never gets boring, and this level comes with a twist! Nayuta herself gets infected by the Buggos, and the three gamers set out to rescue her. Along the way the player will meet various NPCs from previous levels that have been ‘corrupted’ and are seriously unpleasant to deal with. The team are joined by the personification of their mascot Blackcat (more of a yassification really), who guides them through the level. The theme of this level is pretty much ‘classic’ Bullet Break: neon colours and ‘techy’ vibes as far as the eye can see!


Inspired by idol groups and featuring some cute, girly girls.


An homage to arcade fighting games with all the girls being ‘animal’-inspired.

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The Super Bullet Break Day 1 Edition is available to pre-order at Funstock! This Day 1 edition includes an exclusive art book featuring the girls from the game, and a special edition box.

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