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28th March 2022

Vehicle Building & Engineering Sim ‘Rover Builder’ Is Out Now On Steam!

PQube and developer Hatfuls Creative are excited to announce that after months of numerous updates, vehicle building engineering simulator Rover Builder, is out today with a 10% launch discount for its full 1.0 release for PC via Steam! Rover Builder is a 3D engineering simulator, challenging you to create and tailor your own rovers to complete each level. The objective is clear – overcome the challenging terrain and hostile environments and get your rover to the green ‘completion pad’ of every level. 

  • Build amazing 3D vehicles from buggies to trucks, cranes, and rocket powered rovers.
  • Make tank-style vehicles with the new track wheels.
  • Create your own levels using all the tools the developers use to create the official in-game missions! 
  • Limitless number of levels to master! Whether it’s crossing difficult terrain or destroying obstacles in your way – each mission has unique challenges to overcome, with community levels being made all the time!
  • Check out the community garage to see other player’s creations!

The Full Release Update Includes:

  • 10% off launch discount!
  • 4 brand new missions, with over 40 levels in total to explore!
  • Updated materials and tools
  • New settings, including graphics, audio, language and controls
  • New Info toggle – showing text descriptions of every button in the editor
  • Visual updates –  height sliders added in level editor for better terrain control with brand new grass shaders!
  • Numerous bug fixes and more!

Unleash Your Creativity

Build amazing 3D vehicles from simple buggies to trucks, cranes and rocket powered rovers. With an intuitive and unrestricted building mode, construct the rover you need to overcome challenges and puzzles on a level-by-level basis. There’s multiple expertly crafted tools and parts to experiment with to help your creation of intricate rovers and complex working systems!

The Right Tools For The Job

Working With ‘Beams’

Beams are the integral foundation for most rovers. Shape a strong frame as a first point of call! Once built, there are countless possibilities to shape your rover further. Mirror and duplicate tools are helpful to get your structure up and ready quicker than ever!

Adding The Right ‘Wheels’

Create axle points and then make your rover mobile by adding wheels. Terrain can differ from level-to-level and each type of terrain requires its own specific type of wheels – make sure you choose your set wisely (otherwise you could end up stuck in a bad position)! 

Fine Tune How You Control Your Rover

Want to customise your steering input and motor’s rotation velocity? Simply drag and drop control elements to specific keyboard keys within the ‘Keystroke Editor’ for a completely tailored experience

Add Combat-Based ‘Cannons’

Cannons can be dragged and dropped onto your rover to help  overcome hostile turrets within levels. Cluster three together to add more punch to your shot, knocking down anything you aim and fire at!

And much, much more!

There is so much more at your disposal. From springs to aid your rover’s suspension, steering hydraulics for smoother turns, to counter weights for better balance. The possibilities are endless! See our  step-by-step tutorial on getting started with your very first rover here!


Endless Amounts Of Fun

Play through over 40 official developer-made levels, with hundreds more made by the community via level editor! Make your own levels and missions for others to play using all of the tools the dev team used to create the official in-game missions. With dozens of tools, features and options available in level editor – unleashing your creativity has never been easier.

Adapt, Overcome, Succeed!

Cross increasingly difficult terrain, embark on retrieve and return missions, or destroy obstacles and enemies in your way – each mission has its unique challenges you must face and overcome. Build a convoy of rovers to ensure your mission is completed efficiently – or jump into the community garage to see how other players completed them.

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