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12th October 2021

Vehicle Building & Engineering Sim ‘Rover Builder’ Gets Brand New Update TODAY!

We are excited to announce that the third massive update to vehicle building engineering simulator Rover Builder, is out now on Steam!

What’s new for Rover Builder starting today with update 3?

  • New terrain added! A new sculptable sand object adds a new layer of creativity within level editor. 
  • Make tank-style vehicles with the new track wheels.
  • 6 Brand new levels added to take advantage of the new components in update 3. 
  • Water gun and rockets added enabling short hops, acceleration and the ability to damage structures! 
  • New Steam achievements based on in-game statistics 

Build amazing 3D vehicles from simple buggies to tanks, cranes and rocket powered rovers Early Access title, Rover Builder! This highly in depth engineering sim gives players freedom to create vehicles and levels bridled only by their imagination.

In Rover Builder, you will be tasked with solving increasingly challenging missions by building the right rover for the job. From retrieve and return collection missions, to traversing difficult terrain and combatting AI enemies.

Update 3 includes all new track wheels to engineer tank-style rovers! 

With so many ways to engineer vehicles, design levels and complete missions, join the community to get hints, tips and tricks from fellow builders, provide feedback or share your builds with the group in the Rover Builder Discord!

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