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3rd May 2018

The Road to Revolution circuit is back for Europe!


PQube (London, UK) 3 May, 2018 – PQube are proud to announce that we are supporting European tournaments this season with the ‘Road to Revolution 2018′, featuring GUILTY GEAR Xrd REVELATOR 2 and Arc System Works’ newest tag team brawl, BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE.

Get all of the information about the circuit here!

The tour will span four events in four different countries including Viennality (Vienna, Austria), VSFighting (Birmingham, England), Dreamilition Derby V (Munich, Germany) and The Mix-Up (Lyon, France).

All events will feature both GUILTY GEAR Xrd REVELATOR 2 and BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE.

The winners of each tournament receive exclusive prizes, plus their venue and tournament entry fee waived for Revolution 2018.

The Road to Revolution will celebrate the passion and skill of fans of our Arc System Works fighting games this year through GUILTY GEAR Xrd REVELATOR 2 and BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE. Come and join us as we determine Europe’s number one fighter!

BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE will bring the ultimate collision of universes to PS4 in Europe in Summer, 2018!

BLAZBLUE CROSS TAG BATTLE assets can be found here:

GUILTY GEAR Xrd REVELATOR 2 assets can be found here:

Check out #BBTAG on social media! For more information and the latest news, follow us at twitter.com/PQubeGames, and on Facebook at facebook.com/pqube.

For all inquiries please contact: [email protected]

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