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2nd December 2021

Otherworldly Dystopian Adventure Puzzle Game ‘The Plane Effect’ Is Out Now On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Meet The Minds Behind This Modern Take On Classic Adventure Games In Our New Developer Interview!

PQube, Studio Kiku and Innovina Interactive are excited to release the mind-bending dystopian isometric adventure The Plane Effect on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today! PQube are also proud to release an exclusive interview with the creators of ‘The Plane Effect‘ at Studio Kiku

  • We spoke to Dennis and Paolo from Studio Kiku, the developers behind ‘The Plane Effect’
  • Find out what inspired their vision of a lonely and depressing future and how they conveyed the feeling of solitude through the character of Solo
  • Hear about the process of designing the many different locations in ‘The Plane Effect‘, from dark streets to vast snow fields
  • With a background in video production and movies, they explain how they harnessed this experience to create a unique and mind-bending story!

About ‘The Plane Effect‘:

  • Take a mysterious and cinematic journey through a mind-bending, dystopian world
  • Play as Solo, a lonely office worker, as you clock out and embark on an impossible journey home
  • Immerse yourself in a twisted reality as you attempt to comprehend and navigate the inexplicable phenomena around you
  • Reminiscent of classic graphic adventure games; find items and solve puzzles as you attempt to navigate complex environments, or activate ‘Assisted Mode’ for guidance
  • ‘The Plane Effect’ Is Out Now On PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!
  • Also Available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Epic Games Store and Steam

Check out ‘The Plane Effect’ Developer Interview: 

In this exclusive interview with Studio Kiku, we spoke to Paolo Pavani, the Executive Producer, and Dennis Cabella, the Game Designer and Art Director of ‘The Plane Effect‘. We explored the dark and bleak atmosphere of ‘The Plane Effect’ and how players experience the game through Solo’s journey.

We asked them about the inspirations for the game, with movies like Blade Runner and authors such as Philip K. Dick being big contributors to the design of ‘The Plane Effect’. We also spoke about how the teams background in video production and movies allowed them to narrate the story in their own unique way, and how they created the anonymous yet relatable character of Solo.

A Cinematic Journey

It’s your final day in the office and a grave feeling overcomes you…you must return home to your family. Where is home? How far is it? I have a family, right…? All you know for sure is you must keep moving ever forward no matter what is takes.

An oppressive cosmic anomaly urges you forward, keeping you focused on your goal. Use whatever skills you can to manoeuvre through the unending labyrinth of dystopic landscapes and reach your family at all costs. 

Solve Mind Bending Puzzles

As you progress through the dystopia you call home, quickly you realise all is not as it should be. Did it always take this long? Were the streets always a labyrinth? Where even is “home”? Test your skills & logic in ‘solo mode’ with no hints or activate the ‘assisted mode’ to get some direction, as you journey through various unusual puzzles and elaborate environments. 

The Plane Effect‘ Is Out Now On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One!

Also available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store!

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