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24th September 2021

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame – A Brand New Roguelite RPG and City Builder Announced Today With Playable Demo

We are pleased to announce that the Roguelite RPG and city builder, ‘The Dragoness Command of the Flame’ will be releasing on PC in 2022.

  • Heavily inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic series, The Dragoness: Command of the Flame combines base-building, exploration and strategic turn-based combat – but with a Roguelite twist.
  • Set on the Drairthir Peninsula – a land ravaged by warring factions of Dragons – you take the role of a Commander, recruited by mighty The Dragoness, in her bid to conquer and bring peace to the world.
  • Finding yourself in the ruined capital of Níwenborh, it’s down to you to rebuild this once-great city. 
  • Only by recruiting a powerful beast army and managing your resources will you be able to prepare yourself for the dangers that lie ahead – where only keen strategic thinking and tactical skill will see you emerge victorious.

Check out ‘The Dragoness: Command of the Flame Announcement trailer: 

Explore the war-ravaged Drairthir Peninsula, collecting resources and picking your battles against powerful foes, in classic turn-based battles where only the keenest tacticians will survive.

Defeat is not the end of your quest. With each foray into the unknown, you will only grow stronger, bringing back resources and powerful artefacts to Níwenborh, before regrouping and returning to battle.

Recruited by the Dragoness herself and tasked with building a beast army to aid her in her quests, the Commander will develop powerful skills and abilities, both through experience and exploration.

Both through progress in the field, and the rebuilding of your city, Níwenborh, you will recruit more powerful beasts to your army – each with their own strengths and unique abilities. Experiment with unit selection and synergies across their skills to emerge victoriously.

The enemy is both cunning and formidable. Choose your army wisely and out-think your opponent – using a vast selection of unit types, attacks and supporting abilities to crush those who oppose you.

Every run brings new rewards. Both defeat and victory bring the opportunity to return home with the spoils of war. Use them wisely to build and upgrade your facilities – bestowing upon you new abilities, skills, beasts and bonuses to strengthen you in your quests.

Experience an epic fantasy tale with a memorable cast, as, at The Dragoness’ behest, you face down a demonic dragon adversary. 

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