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15th October 2020

Turn-based strategy JRPG ‘Tears of Avia’ launches today on Steam & Xbox!

Navigate through war-torn environments as you tailor your party 

Tears of Avia

PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky are excited to celebrate the launch of Tears of Avia! Available on Steam & Xbox from today, Tears of Avia is a turn-based strategy JRPG with a seemingly endlessly deep system of skill trees, playable characters, weapons and items.

With 5 unique main characters to choose from, each representing a traditional RPG class from mage to warrior to ranger and more, and with 100s of potential skill combinations and unique side quests each, this turn-based adventure allows both new comers and established fans of the genre to create an entirely unique gameplay experience tailored specifically to their personal tastes.

An enticing adventure awaits in the vast and beautiful world of Estera.

Check out our launch trailer here:

Tears of Avia allows you to combine hundreds of unique skills with its five unique classes to create powerful combos. Choose from classic offensive and defensive abilities, melee and ranged attacks, damaging and supportive spells and much more on your journey through Estera!

Choose your own protagonist

Kai – Class: Warrior ?️

An admirable young man, raised amongst the knights of the great city of Tirig. Revered though they were, the knights fell short of Kai’s expectations of honour and duty. Steadfast in his heart and convictions, he set about to prove himself the greatest warrior of them all.

Reina – Class: Ranger ?

An expert hunter and trapper, Raina lives off, and in tune with, the wild landscapes of Estera. While rarely venturing back into civilisation, she sees the animal nature in people for what it is. And yet, with her calculated but unavoidable charm, she always comes out on top!

Iris – Class: Mage ☄️

A self assured master of magic, the only thing to truly rival her skills is her ego! Hungry for the ancient tomes and trinkets capable of strengthening her already extraordinary powers, hidden in the forgotten corners of Estera, Iris can be a little fiery… in more ways than one.

Raul – Class: Brawler ??

Raised in service if the wealthy elites of his city, Raul’s early life couldn’t have been more differing from those he worked for. A natural born brawler, he fought for everything he has in this world – and yet, night after night he feels the echo of a longing for something more… a destiny unfulfilled.

Momoko – Class: Priest ✨

Momoko’s gentle heart and tenderness is ever present. Taken in by the elder priestesses as an orphan, Momoko witnessed first hand the power of the Light of Liathi. After learning everything of its power, it is now her mission to spread the Light to every dark and shadowy corner of Estera.

Tears of Avia is out now on Steam & Xbox!

Check out #TearsOfAvia and @TearsOfAvia on Twitter and the official homepage: www.tearsofavia.com

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