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14th July 2021

Introducing Terraforma: Early Access ‘ Rover Builder’ Receives Game-Changing Second Major Update Today!

We are excited to announce that Terraforma, the second massive update to vehicle building engineering simulator Rover Builder, is out now on Steam! 

What’s new for Rover Builder starting today with update 2?

  • Brand new level editor to create your own levels from scratch and edit levels from the community. 
  • Access developer tools including a Draw Elevation tool, Mesh Edit mode, NPC Rovers and more allowing unprecedented control over every aspect of your level design
  • Day and Night slider offering even more control over your environment
  • Share your creations with the world using new in-game community sharing options.
  • Dozens of parts, materials, objects and terrain editors to choose from so you can let your imagination run wild.
  • New levels added to the game! 
  • Terraforma is out now for Rover Builder on Steam!

Build amazing 3D vehicles from simple buggies to trucks, cranes and rocket-powered rovers Early Access title, Rover Builder! This highly in-depth engineering sim gives players the freedom to create vehicles and levels bridled only by their imagination.

Check out the new ‘Terraforma update’ trailer:

Have total freedom over your environment – create custom levels with the same hard surface 3D modelling Level Editor that the developers use! 

Sculpt your landscape with mesh editing mode, add trees, rocks, grass and then implement your challenges using the likes of magnet boxes, turrets and props in object edit mode!

Terraforma‘s brand new Level Editor features will allow players to use:

  • Day/Night slider to create dark and light levels
  • Draw Elevation tool for easy raised or sunken surface creation
  • Draw grass tool to decorate your levels.
  • Mesh edit mode to snap vertices, extrude faces, loop cut terrain and sculpt grass height.
  • Add objects mode including mission objectives, trees, enemies, props, decorations and more!
  • Custom objects to save rover designs and place them in your levels.
  • Static, detachable and breakable objects for physics based fun!
  • Custom Stage Rules including three objectives – Go to Target Pad, Moves Boxes to Target Pad and Destroy Enemies.
  • Workshop sharing options
  • NPC Rovers
  • and lots more!

Use the tools that the developers use – Introducing the Mesh Edit tool to transform your world into a vast playground.

  • Transform the vertices/faces in any way you choose using a bunch of new tools!
  • Vertex snapping – By pressing Ctrl while moving vertices, you can snap objects together for seamless transitions. 
  • Extrude faces – Extend objects’ faces for creative terrain.
  • Loop Cut – Slice through the geometry to make unique shapes in your landscape.
  • Sculpt grass height – Create mounds and hills to climb with your rover.

Save rover designs with the “level editor” tag so you can use them in your levels!

  • Custom objects can be placed anywhere in a level, and will function just as a normal rover would. However, these cannot be controlled by the user directly. 
  • Activate the “always on” action, and experiment with lots of different configurations to add cool new automated sections to your level. From rotating doors to automatically firing cannons, add anything you can imagine!

Use the games Object Edit Mode and built-in physics engine to give objects dynamic movement and create imaginative level designs.

Transform objects to move, rotate or scale them to the position and size you want. Toggle the state of certain objects:

  • Static objects don’t move, no matter how much force you use.
  • Detachable objects can be moved or become loose by exerting enough force. 
  • Breakable objects, for example trees, can break depending on the amount of force used.

In Rover Builder, you will be tasked with solving increasingly challenging missions by building the right rover for the job. From retrieving and return collection missions, to traversing difficult terrain and combatting AI enemies.

Update 2 includes improved mirroring, stronger cannon joints, improved wheel placement direction and fixes to hinge rotation and mirror selection.


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