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2nd August 2023

Roguelite Shooter ‘Die After Sunset’, Coming To PC & Consoles On August 17th!

To Celebrate The Release Date Announcement, Die After Sunset Team Members Read Out Community Messages…Some Nice…


Prepare to save the world in this time-travelling action roguelite. Die After Sunset is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Steam as a full release on August 17th! Physical editions will also be available on PlayStation 5, with Nintendo Switch physicals coming soon!

Die After Sunset is an action-packed roguelite shooter stacked with hundred of items, unique quests, monstrous bosses, and colourful stages. Take your pick of three unique ‘Defenders’ and brave the hordes of alien ‘Murkors’. Their duck hats may look cute, but they pack a serious bite!

  • Get Ready to Save the World, Defender – Three unique styles to choose from! Pick sharp-shooter April, Machine-gun-wielding cyborg Rido, or the Murkor experiment gone wrong, Hune!
  • Gigantic Levels, Colossal Bosses! – Explore and conquer huge and colourful levels as you clash head-on with the Murkor hordes. Once the time runs out, find the boss and take them down for good!
  • No Run is Ever the Same – With uniquely generated missions every time you start anew, no two runs will ever be the same!
  • Experiment With Thousands of Item Combinations – Grab as much as you can as you stock up your arsenal to fight giant bosses. Experiment with different combinations and discover your favourite tactics!
  • Collect In-Game Currency and Power Up! – Pick up ‘Mukus’ on every run, bank it and spend in your safehouse to become stronger than ever before.
  • Complete Challenges for More Weapons and Powers to Unlock – Task yourself with targeting a whole list of challenges to unlock all-new weapons, items and game settings!

Die After Sunset Team Reads Mean Messages!

Comments and criticism go a long way to help games develop & grow. Whether it’s bug reporting, balancing recommendations or brand-new features & game mechanic recommendations, the community’s voice is always powerful in helping steer development.

Throughout our over one-and-a-half-year Early Access development timeline, our community have supported us by spending time sharing their suggestions and feedback which have continuously helped improve the game, and we are forever grateful for that! However, every now and then, a message or two comes our way that doesn’t give us much to work on, but rather, a good laugh.

To celebrate the release date announcement of Die After Sunset, we’ve curated some of our favourite not-so-nice messages (with a good call out to some of the nice ones too)!

Regardless of the context feedback has come from, the Die After Sunset team appreciates the community for putting their thoughts out there and helping make Die After Sunset a better game. As an indie studio, community feedback is and always will be vital in making games!

We look forward to welcoming everyone on August 17th!

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