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10th June 2023

‘RESISTOR’ is Coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Switch!

Start your engines! The turbocharged, narrative-driven RPG 'RESISTOR' is coming soon.

Experience stunt-infused racing with open world exploration and explosive vehicular combat! Build up your team and unravel a twisting story as you compete to take down an oppressive mega-corporation and its enigmatic director.

Announcement Trailer

The Story so Far...

In the year 2060 the world’s governments have long since destroyed one another and in their place stand self-contained city states presided over by a league of powerful corporations. Within the walls of these dense urban metropolises, citizens enjoy a life of comfort and excess, far removed from the harsh realities of the scattered communities that scrape a living in the endless desert wastes of the outside world.

To remain “competitive but friendly”, the corporations take turns hosting an annual racing tournament for the masses setting the finest teams, and bravest challengers, against one another in a series of exhilarating, high-speed death races. The ultimate prize? A one-way ticket to permanent citizenship, and a better life, inside the cities.

Desert Flower

Play as Aster, the only living child of the last great racer, who enters this year’s event sponsored by Dekker Industries with the goal of securing the vital healthcare needed to save their ailing mother. However, as the tournament unfolds, Aster soon realises that life beneath the glossy veneer of Ethan Dekker’s corporate utopia might not be as idyllic as it initially seems, and a race for the podium soon becomes a war to overthrow his oppressive regime.

Start Your Plasma-Engines

The annual racing tournament was initially conceptualised by the corporations as a means to remain ‘competitive but friendly’ with one another, with each individual city-state taking turns to host an annual event across a seven-year cycle. In reality, the violent races act as mindless entertainment to ensure that the masses remain suitably pacified.

With fossil fuels long extinct, racers utilise plasma-based engine technology to supercharge their rides and achieve blistering speeds. At the start of each race, sponsors provide racers with a limited quota of electrical energy, but never enough to see them across the finish line. To encourage ‘competitive racing’ cars are fitted with energy-sapping discs that draw electricity from scattered pylons, and the wreckage of incapacitated racers.

'RESISTOR' is Coming Soon To Steam, Epic Games, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X & Nintendo Switch!

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