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19th June 2024

‘Republic of Pirates’ Is Out Now on Steam and Epic Games Store!

Set sail to the heart of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy in ‘Republic of Pirates’ a pirate-themed city builder with fleet management and real-time naval combat, available now on Steam and Epic Games Store.

Set up base on a remote island and establish the foundations of a resource-based economy to grow your wealth and develop the skills of your population. Utilise the resources you produce to construct a powerful fleet, and command your ships in real time to explore and conquer nearby islands. But beware, your actions will not go unnoticed… Encounter a variety of rival factions, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships as you strive to bring the entire archipelago under your command, and reforge the glorious Republic of Pirates!

Prepare to seek your fortune by watching our new launch trailer!


Construct over 100 unique buildings across 7 categories to develop your settlements. Build residences to house your citizens and set up production chains to produce resources that fulfil their needs and wants. Strategically place depots to link production buildings and create an efficient flow of goods.

Upgrade your citizens to create a more diversified workforce and support increasingly complex industries. You’ll ultimately need to balance your global population with the local availability of specialised workers on every island you own to ensure steady growth across the burgeoning republic


Visit the shipyard to construct 8 different ship classes, from the humble cog to the formidable man-of-war! Each ship has its own unique stats and can be constructed using a combination of producible materials and resources looted from destroyed enemy vessels. Assign individual captains and customise each ship’s cosmetics before ordering your new fleet to strike out and explore the archipelago.

Encounter and engage a variety of NPC ships with varying behaviours, from vulnerable merchant vessels to hostile neighbours. Gain experience through combat to level up your captains and unlock specialisations, or activate ship actions such as the scatter shot and smoke bomb to give you the tactical edge in battle.


Expanding your settlements across different islands is the key to building a successful pirate utopia, as each island will have more buildable land, unique production conditions and access to essential, rare materials.

All islands will initially be under the control of rival factions, and you’ll need to defeat an island’s defences before it can be conquered. Be warned, however, as your expansionist actions will influence the attitudes of the other factions to your benefit and detriment. You’ll therefore need to navigate and actively manage complex diplomatic relationships in order to keep expanding!

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