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30th November 2023

‘Republic Of Pirates’ is Coming to Steam & Epic Games Store in 2024!

We are thrilled to announce our new pirate-themed city builder and real-time strategy game ‘Republic of Pirates’, coming to Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024!

Set sail to the heart of the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy and establish a pirate utopia. Create a resource-based economy, grow your population, engage in real-time naval combat, and navigate complex diplomatic relationships with rival superpowers as you search for the ultimate fortune and glory.

Create a resource-based economy – Utilise over 100 unique buildings to provide resources and infrastructure, upgrade to new industry tiers, and develop your pirate citizens’ skills.

Engage in real-time naval battles – Command a fleet of ships, engage in real-time strategic combat, and utilise the tactical map to plan and execute your next raid.

Conduct diplomacy – Establish and manage dynamic relationships with pirate clans and trading companies to harbour rivalries and forge alliances.

Expand your fleet – Construct 8 unique ship classes and customise your fleet’s appearance. Recruit talented captains and hone their skills to unlock new specialisations and combat tactics.

Undertake missions – Attack settlements, collect bounties, strike trade deals and race against time to fulfil urgent faction requests.

Flexible gameplay modes – Build a legendary pirate utopia in a narrative-driven campaign with over 30 hours of content or customise your experience in freeplay mode.

Announcement Trailer


During this Golden Age of Piracy, intrepid freebooters seek their fortune upon the high seas, black-sailed marauders prey upon Spanish treasure ships returning from the New World, and opportunistic privateers, emboldened by their ‘letters of marque’ reap the profits of war from their influential patrons.

At the centre of this cutthroat world lies the ‘Republic of Pirates’, a powerful league of pirate clans bound together by their shared ambitions and code of honour. But while the early days of the confederacy were prosperous, greed and jealousy soon began to spread culminating in a vicious mutiny and final bloody breakup. It now falls upon your shoulders to set out to reclaim your father’s legacy and bring justice to the traitors who wronged you!


In ‘Republic of Pirates’ you’ll be tasked with founding a modest outpost on a remote Caribbean island and growing it into a sprawling pirate settlement with a self-sustaining economy. Construct production buildings such as sugar plantations and rum distilleries to cultivate and refine resources, and distribute goods via a network of couriers, warehouses, and black markets to increase the wealth of your citizens.

Visit the inn to recruit talented captains and utilise the shipyard to build up a powerful fleet before taking to the waves in the name of conquest. Command your ships in real-time as you plunder merchant vessels, clash with rival pirate clans, and liberate islands to add to your burgeoning republic. Expand your reach while shrewdly navigating complex diplomatic relationships with influential trading companies, and rise above the global superpowers of the time!

‘Republic of Pirates’ is coming to Steam and Epic Games Store in 2024!

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