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2nd February 2024

Potion Permit: Complete Edition Coming May 30th

Cozy Chemist RPG ‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition’ Coming May 30th, 2024, with All DLC Included!

Potion Permit: Complete Edition‘ comes as a digital and physical release on May 30th, 2024! The ‘Complete Edition’ will contain the base game of Potion Permit and all paid DLC, with over 30 cosmetic pieces of furniture to decorate your potion house. A DLC pack for players that already own the base game will be available digitally on all platforms.

The Best Way for Newcomers to Play! ‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition’ is the new best entry point to experience the charming town of Moonbury. Stacked with all paid DLC, you can decorate your house with animal plushies, surfboards, cute novelty furniture, and more!

Since its release in 2022, ‘Potion Permit’ has had multiple free updates, including new mini-games, romanceable characters, and more!

‘Potion Permit: Complete Edition’ will be released digitally on Steam, GOG, Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X!

The ‘Complete Edition’ will be available as a physical version on PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch.

A ‘Complete Edition DLC Pack’ will be available digitally for those who own the base game and want all the available DLC.

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With over 30 pieces of cosmetic DLC released, you can now have all of this in one package to decorate you humble potion house! From plushies of your loyal companion Noxe, to an aquarium complete with little fish, you can now fill your abode with all your new decorations!


‘Potion Permit’ is a labour of love, and thanks to the enthusiasm of the community, the game has continued to have support and updates since its launch in 2022. In these key updates, we have introduced new mini-games, new romanceable characters, the Grow Box, additional languages, as well as many quality of life improvements.

The Grow Box – this object allows you to plant and grow your own materials instead of needing to go out and forage it yourself. This can be a lifesaver when you have to get a quick remedy for a patient!

New Romanceable Characters – Victor and Helene are now able to be dated! These unique individuals bring their own captivating stories and personalities to the Moonbury community, offering even more depth to your journey as you navigate the complexities of modern alchemy, relationships, and adventure.

New Mini-Games – One of our new mini-games allows you to join your faithful companion in a mushroom munching competition, where you must guide your loyal canine to devour delicious mushrooms while skillfully avoiding treacherous rocks. These engaging mini-games not only offer fun and challenges but also provide an opportunity to bond with your trusty companion.

New Language Added – ‘Potion Permit’ is now available to be played in Japanese.

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