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24th October 2023

Post-Apocalyptic Visual Novel, ‘Archetype Arcadia’ is Out Now!

Post-Apocalyptic Visual Novel, 'Archetype Arcadia', is Out Now On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

English Language Support Now Available On Steam!


KEMCO and Water Phoenix’s dark visual novel, ‘Archetype Arcadia‘, is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

Full of sci-fi mystery, sink into a story of two siblings searching for survivors in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by disease. When one sibling falls victim, you must step into a virtual world to find answers which could help save them.


  • Unbreakable Bonds: embark on a journey with Rust and Kristin, a brother and sister that only have each other left.
  • Story Rich Visual Novel: 8 chapters featuring over 50 hours of story, brought to life by voiced characters and detailed illustrations!
  • Uncover Sci-Fi Mysteries: who created the virtual universe that is Archetype Arcadia and why? Are the people inside it real or mere empty projections?
  • A Unique Cast: in his journey to save his sister, Rust meets many unique characters along the way, from the wise Altia to the fiery Allegro, unexpected personalities aid or hinder Rust’s journey.
  • Prepare Your Heart: the characters both inside and out of Archetype Arcadia have faced endless hardships in this cruel world, most have a reason left to fight, others have already lost theirs.
  • Precious Memories: memories form essential keys to unlocking powers for the players of Archetype Arcadia. Traverse time through different characters most protected memories.

Check Out the 'Archetype Arcadia' Launch Trailer:

Unbreakable Bonds

Worsening in stages, Peccatomania is a disease which has wiped out most of humanity. Rust and his sister Kristin search for survivors in barren lands, in hopes of finding the others which Kristin meets regularly in the virtual world of Archetype Arcadia.

Rust can’t enter this virtual world which is used for treatment of Peccatomania the disease his sister suffers from, but when Kristin falls unresponsive one day, Rust enters the world desperate for an answer. Within, he experiences for the first time the world his sister spoke of, meets the people she met with, and now must take the chance on their willingness to help him save his sister.


Within the virtual world of Archetype Arcadia, players fight for control of “memories”. By using positive memories that take on the form of avatars with varying abilities, players can use them to protect themselves from others or fight for dominance within their world.

However, losing a battle can have dire consequences. The more damage a player takes, the more vulnerable they are to having their memory cards destroyed and losing that precious memory forever, resulting in death or worse…


Filled with hope, grief, joy, betrayal, and death, Archetype Arcadia is a deep and dark visual novel that explores the pain and suffering that humanity endures when afflicted with disease, and a main character that is determined to find a solution.

Drawing on the emotions and knowledge Rust and Kristin received from their parents, they must learn and grow whilst struggling with what they had been taught and whether or not it was correct. But the truth can only be found with perseverance, and Rust will need a lot of it to untangle the complicated web that created the universe of Archetype Arcadia.

Archetype Arcadia‘ is Out Now On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch!

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