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19th June 2023

‘Pocket Bravery’ Demo Available To Play During Steam Next Fest!

In the ‘Pocket Bravery‘ Steam Next Fest Demo, fight against friends or the CPU with four unique characters in three diverse worldwide locations! Fight in the streets of Porto, Glasgow, or take it back to the Training Room to brush up on your combos!



Nuno has an explosive moveset, utilising a Thai Boxing influence including, Thai Low Kicks, Elbow attacks and Knee strikes.

During his journey in the full game’s story mode, Nuno is confronted with several revelations about himself and the source of his in-game elemental powers. He manages to transform his bad/negative feelings into an attacking energy, which unleashes fury upon his opponents!


For someone who once hated practicing martial arts, and preferred to stay at the computer, Mingmei became a skilled master in Kung-Fu. However, it was not only hard work and dedication which propelled her to mastery… After stealing an ancient artifact Mingmei became blessed with ‘Dragon Energy’, pushing her training even further.

Full of guilt after branding herself a thief, Mingmei has dedicated herself to a straight & narrow path, using her new-found powers for good, rather than evil.


Some fight for a cause, others for money, but Arshavin fights for fame. Determined to be the greatest fighter ever, this man of colossal strength does not know the word “limit” when it comes to exchanging punches with a worthy opponent. However, fame can be blinding… and this desire to be recognised puts him in bad situations.

Arshavin’s moveset uses brute force, throwing his weight around, and utilising his colossal strength to grab and toss opponents around.


for the first time for PC players, play the demo to find a legendary mystery character from the Classic ‘Breakers’ Series!

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