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26th November 2021

Watch The New Developer Interview for Chaotic 2D Shooter ‘Gravity Heroes’!

 PQube are excited to reveal an exclusive interview with the team behind Gravity Heroes, developers Studica Solution and Electric Monkeys!  

  • We sat down with the team behind ‘Gravity Heroes’to discuss their inspirations and the challenges of creating the game! 
  • Lead Game Designer Hugo explains the concept of ‘Gravity Heroes‘ and what the team learned from the experience
  • Hear from Lead Artist Jonatan on the challenges of working with a unique pixel-art style!

About ‘Gravity Heroes‘:

  • Fight on every surface as you face hordes of robotic enemies!
  • Team up in couch co-op or fight against each other in ‘Versus Mode’
  • Take on colossal enemies as you battle your way through the Story Mode
  • Experience a colourful and dynamic 2D pixel-art aesthetic as you face huge screen filling bosses!
  • 33% off in the Steam Sale ends November 30th
  • 25% off on Nintendo ends 30th November
  • 30% off PlayStation (US Store Only) ends 1st December

Launched in February this year and receiving many positive reviews, ‘Gravity Heroes‘ is described by players as “Contra meets Gravity Rush in a profound, animated descent into bullet hell“, and  Check Point calls ‘Gravity Heroes‘ “a unique twist on the 2D platform shooter that makes it stand out in its genre“.  

Check out the ‘Gravity Heroes’ Developer Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfHbmHw9rmQ

Meet The Devs!

In this exclusive interview, we speak with the team at Studica Solution and Electric Monkeys about the inspiration and challenges of making a video game like ‘Gravity Heroes‘. In this interview you’ll meet developers such as Hugo, the Technical Director and Lead Game Designer, who explains the game’s concept and what the team gained from such an ambitious project.

We also hear from others in the development team, such as Lead Artist Jonatan, who describes the challenges of creating art in such a unique pixel-art style. Find out how the experience of creating ‘Gravity Heroes‘ improved the team as game designers and allowed them to create the best game they possibly could!

 To watch the full interview with developers from a whole range of different disciplines, from Writers to Artists, click the button below:

Fight On Floors, Wall & Ceilings!

Face the robotic hordes on the walls, floors, and ceilings as you control your centre of gravity with Gravity Heroes’ unique ‘gravity shifter’ mechanic. 

Dodge enemy projectiles as you whip around rich environmental stages, or meet them head-on in rapid bullet-hell-like combat using platforms to navigate each level by shifting your gravity.

Team Up Or Fight Against Your Friends!

Get lost in hectic couch-based local multiplayer! Team up with up to 3 friends in ‘Survivor mode’ or unleash your competitive side in ‘versus mode’. 

With hordes of enemies, enormous bosses, and a battle to survive at all costs, use the team to try new tactics, combine skills and neutralize the enemy!

Discord Giveaways

Over the next week we will be giving away ‘Gravity Heroes’ Steam codes on our PQube Discord Server and on social media! Join in the fun and be in with a chance to win one of our prizes! 

Gravity Heroes Is Available On Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

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