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10th June 2022

METAL MAX Xeno: Reborn Is Out Now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch!

PQube and Kadokawa Games are excited to release vehicle-combat role playing game Metal Max Xeno: Reborn‘ on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam!

  • Enter a post-apocalyptic world where humans are near extinction and deadly machines roam the wasteland
  • JRPG with a blend of turn-based and real-time combat, with a wide variety of tanks and armoured vehicles
  • Explore the expansive wastes of Dystokio – Freely explore a vast world on foot or mounted in your combat vehicle
  • Build a team of three companions and your beloved battle dog, Pochi! Along with the help ofartificial-human navigator Po-M, venture out to unite the remaining survivors and build your perfect team
  • Hunt down bounty targets with over 30 boss fights to claim valuable rewards in high risk-high reward combat
  • A reimagining of Metal Max Xeno (2018), the latest game in the classic Japanese series, ‘Metal Max’
  • Fully redeveloped with a brand new game engine and a complete graphical overhaul, with redesigned characters, enemies and environments.
  • Out Now on Nintendo Switch, Steam & PlayStation 4!

Celebrating three decades of post-apocalyptic carnage, Kadokawa Games is pleased to bring the latest version of the series to the West for the first time.

Check out the ‘Metal Max Xeno: Reborn’ Launch Trailer: 

It’s been almost a century since the near total annihilation of mankind. The once prosperous Tokyo Bay has been reduced to an urban wasteland and the remaining population do what they can to survive the extinction by the towering death-dealing robots known as SoNS.

These zoomorphic machines are equipped with the deadliest weapons imaginable. Due to their destructive power, the most powerful have bounties put on their heads for any would-be hero that can defeat them.

Explore this desolate wasteland and battle your way through onslaughts of enemies. Salvage, modify and hit back using tanks, weaponry and faithful battle dog, Pochi, to reclaim a future for the human race!

Physical & Limited Editions Available Now!

The Physical and Limited Editions of ‘Metal Max Xeno: Reborn’ are available from Funstock! The ‘Metal Max Xeno: Reborn’ Limited Edition includes:

  • Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 Physical Game
  • Set of Three Enamel Pin Badges with Branded Box
  • Set of Four Artcards (A6 size)
  • Collector’s Edition Box

Only 500 copies across both platforms have been manufactured for this very Exclusive Edition, so don’t miss out!

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