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4th February 2022

Wake Up Demon Lord – It’s Time To Reclaim Your Throne In ‘MAGLAM LORD’, Out Now On Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4!

After a long slumber, it’s time to reclaim your place as the MAGLAM LORD in this unique blend of RPG Action Adventure combined with Dating Sim Storytelling

Today, PQube and D3PUBLISHER are excited to announce that action RPG MAGLAM LORD is releasing today on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4! 

Once an all-powerful Demon Lord, you wake up from your eternal slumber – only to find out that you are the last remaining Demon Lord in this entirely new world. You, the ‘MAGLAM LORD’ set out to restore your powers and defeat anyone that opposes you in your path. 

In your adventure, you will meet new allies, bond with them and maybe even find your true soulmate amongst them. Other than allies, you will also need to forge powerful weapons to aid you in the battle against many foes that seek to stop your path to ascension.

Grab your gear, and get ready to start your journey to reclaim your throne.

Check Out The Maglam Lord Launch Trailer:

“MAGLAM LORD” Features:

  • Take on the role of a Demon Lord, as your body becomes a mythic weapon to restore your former powers
  • Genre-defying gameplay with fast-paced and intuitive hack ‘n’ slash style real-time combat
  • Craft and customise weapons, forging unique blades with a huge variety of special effects and decorations
  • Find your true soulmate as you fight alongside your allies and build relationships with dating sim elements
  • Choose a male or female protagonist, each with unique art and voice acting
  • 20+ DLC packs with content from franchises such as the ‘Tales of’ Series!

Limited Edition With Amazing Artbook, Available Now!

The ‘MAGLAM LORD LIMITED EDITION is now available for purchase from Funstock! The physical ‘LIMITED EDITION’ includes:

  • A physical version of the game on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4
  • A 52 page artbook
  • A decorative box featuring official art from the game
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