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19th August 2022

‘Lair Land Story’ is Out Now on Steam & Switch!

Fantasy raising-simulator ‘Lair Land Story‘ is out now on Steam & Nintendo Switch!

  • Raise Chilia – Every decision you make will impact Chilia’s traits and opinions, so choose wisely!
  • Plan Chilia’s day – Plan her schedule including tasks and lessons, but make sure not to bore her, or her performance may suffer!
  • Discover Chilia’s mysterious past – It is now up to you to help Chilia remember who she is and where she came from. Figure out the mystery of why she was granted with the Goddess’ blessing
  • Find true love – Raising a child can be tough, so don’t forget to search for your own happiness as well
  • Explore the city – Explore the kingdom and get to know the people. Spend time in the plaza, unwind at the bar or go for a change of appearance at the beauty salon
  • Aid Lair Land – The war is over, but the kingdom still needs to recover. Help rebuild the kingdom’s landmarks and aid the citizens, but beware of any evil that is still lurking in the shadows

Check Out the ‘Lair Land Story’ Launch Trailer: 

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