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18th March 2022

Ancient Relics, Mythical Beasts & Mysterious Classmates: ‘Kowloon High-School Chronicle’ Is Out Now On PlayStation 4!

PQube and Arc System Works are excited to announce that cult hit first-person dungeon crawling JRPG Kowloon High-School Chronicle is out now on PlayStation 4 in Europe!

  • First-person dungeon crawling JRPG with visual novel story elements
  • Ordinary high-school student by day, mysterious and aloof treasure hunter by night
  • Cult classic originally released for Japan-only in 2004 on PlayStation 2
  • Battle ancient & mythical creatures with turn-based combat system
  • Explore labyrinthine dungeons seeking hidden relics
  • Build relationships with other students to recruit others to your party
  • Available on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4!

Combining first person dungeon crawling with visual novel style storytelling, battle your way through hidden chambers and high-school life. Build your party by developing friendships with classmates by day and chase treasure through ancient ruins by night in Kowloon High-School Chronicle.  Check out the ‘Kowloon High-School Chronicle’  

Launch trailer:

Limited Edition Available Now On Funstock! Includes A Limited Edition Box And Acrylic Standees! 

Student By Day, Treasure Hunter By Night!

Playing as the mysterious and aloof Habaki, you must earn the trust and friendship of your classmates to team up, and with their help uncover the school’s mysterious secrets. In the evening, abandon your normal life as a student and take on the guise of treasure hunter. Explore complex ruins solving puzzles, battling creatures and avoiding traps as you search for ancient relics.

Unique Emotion Driven Communication!

Utilising the unique, communication mechanic, choose from varying degrees of emotional intensity to engage with your fellow classmates and navigate life as high school student.

Joy, love, anger, sadness and more will determine the tone of your conversations, influencing how other characters will respond to you throughout the game.

Craft & Puzzle-Solve To Succeed!

While exploring the ruins beneath the school, collect items to craft and solve puzzles that will allow you to clear each dungeon, venture deeper into their labyrinthine tunnels and uncover ancient artefacts. 

Facing a variety of creatures and puzzles that require a myriad of skills, develop your treasure seeking party by building relationships with your peers during the day

‘Kowloon High-School Chronicle’ is Coming To PlayStation 4 On 18 March 2022!

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