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5th October 2023

‘Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur’ Out Now on All Platforms!

Fantasy Action Roguelite 'Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur' Out Now on All Platforms!

New Launch Trailer & Nintendo Switch Demo Available! 

The kingdom of Camelot needs saving and only you, the legendary King Arthur, can rescue its citizens and restore your beloved home to its former glory.  

Get a first peek at the battles to come with our new launch trailer and find out how to become unstoppable! Learn to use your weapons and skills to your advantage as you defeat the countless monsters standing in your way or die trying in ‘Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur’, available now on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & Nintendo Switch! 

  • Battle hordes of vicious monsters – Traverse Brochalant Forest, Sarrache Desert and Suidhe Volcano and slay the enemies that dare stand in your way.
  • Harness knightly powers – The Knights of the Round may have perished but their powers remain – use them to your advantage!
  • Defeat colossal giants – Face legendary giants in epic showdowns and avenge Camelot’s destruction.
  • Experience an engaging story – With acting legend Brian Blessed OBE as the voice of Merlin!
  • Enhance your abilities – Receive blessings and discover over 100 active and passive abilities to improve your skills.
  • Restore Camelot – Call upon the talents of your citizens and return the kingdom to its former glory.
  • No two runs are the same – Explore procedurally generated realms and collect resources as you discover every inch of the Astral Dimension.

‘Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur’ is out now on Steam, Epic Games, GOG, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & Nintendo Switch!

Watch the 'Knight vs Giant: The Broken Excalibur' Launch Trailer:

Meet your allies


Rescue Trabuchet, the best in his craft, to get the most out of your broken Excalibur. Once you have restored his shophe’ll be happy to get to work and, in exchange for a small price, upgrade a sword of your choice and increase its stats, from damage and speed to critical chance. Collect gold and Giant Crystals to unlock even more level upgrades and improve your weapons further! 


Camelot wouldn’t be Camelot without its hunter! Find Medea in Brochalant Forest and return her safely to the kingdom. Pop by to have a chat and make sure to restore her hunting base, Willowtail Cabin. Seek her out and she will task you with defeating enemy species and giants alike. In exchange for a successful hunt, you will be sure to receive a hefty reward. 


Visit Galahad’s shop and get training! His years of experience and your talent for slaying giants will soon pay off, and, after handing over some of your well-deserved Giant Crystals, you will leave with an improved skill tree. The best part, unlike the upgrades you collect during your run, these skills you can keep, making your endeavour to slay the giants of the Astral Dimension much more manageable.  


Finally, let me introduce you to the most mysterious of the bunch, Sandra. Find the Tarot reader in the forest once you have reached kingdom level four. Rebuild her hut of mysteries and seek its blessings yourself. She will present you with up to ten cards, out of which you can select up to six per run, each granting you a positive or negative effect. Let her magic guide you to victory. 

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