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10th June 2021

Delightfully Cute Action Adventure ‘Kitaria Fables’ Reveals New Gameplay Footage!

We are very excited to reveal three new mini trailers featuring never before seen gameplay footage for the upcoming action-adventure RPG Kitaria Fables launching on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC on 2nd September 2021!

  • Charming action-adventure featuring RPG and farming elements
  • Real-time combat with melee weapons, bows and magic as you encounter beasts and bandits in the wilds
  • Grow produce on Thunderbunn Farm and gather resources to craft weapons, provisions and more
  • Customise your protagonist with skins, gear and accessories
  • Meet friends & villagers, taking on side quests and building relationships along the way
  • Play with a friend using couch co-op mode
  • Available in both physical & digital formats on 2nd September 2021!

For the first time players can see the sprawling world map of Kitaria Fables, as well as gameplay footage showcasing farming, battle and more!

Kitaria Fables Customisable Skins Screenshot

Meet cute new friends and neighbours around town in Paw Village! Plant seeds and tend to your crops on Thunderbunn Farm, with tons of different flowers, fruits and vegetables to nurture and spring to life.

Work hard to upgrade your farm with better tools and new produce! Unlock new seeds at Kiki’s stall and head over to see Ms. Apple with your produce and see what special recipes you can cook up!

Kitaria Fables Battle Screenshot

Traverse a huge range of environments in the sprawling world of Kitaria! Explore the wilds, battle enemies and help out your friends you explore the many regions on the map!

Collect resources and provisions for quests, and craft gear and accessories at Shamrock the Blacksmith to boost your stats and develop a whole new look.

Kitaria Fables Rainy Farming Screenshot

You can’t make an omelette without cracking a few heads – I mean eggs! Jump into intense real-time combat against wild creatures and dangerous enemies lurking in the shadows.

Switch up your loadout with melee weapons, bows and magic! If it all gets a little tricky, invite a friend to play along with local couch co-op mode.

In response to significant outreach from the community, Kitaria Fables will be available in physical format on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation consoles!

Pre-orders for the boxed versions of the game are live now at major retailers including Amazon and Funstock store:

Kitaria Fables will also be available on Steam, Xbox One and Series X in digital format.

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