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15th April 2021

Delightfully Cute Action Adventure ‘Kitaria Fables’ Confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Addition to Next Gen Consoles

Kitaria Fables Animated Header

Today, PQube is very excited to announce that upcoming action-adventure RPG Kitaria Fables is heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year! 

This is in addition to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC confirmed back in February. The announcement to support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One comes after overwhelming community response to see Kitaria Fables available on all platforms. 

Check out the ‘Kitaria Fables’ Announcement Trailer:

Kitaria Fables Combat Montage GIF

In Kitaria Fables, there’s always a friend in need or a neighbour who needs a hand. Making friends with the locals is vitally important, and will require a host of skills from farming, to crafting and battle to help out. 

Here, we will take a look at just a few residents you’ll meet along the way and some core gameplay mechanics that will shape the way you play.

Green-thumb, local vendor and valuable friend – anyone who’s anyone grows their produce from Kiki’s stock! Visit her shop to purchase seeds for a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and plants.

With everything from pumpkins to pineapples, strawberries to sunflowers, grow them on your plot of land at Thunderbunn Farm and nurture them as they grow into flourishing crops!

You can develop your relationship with Kiki by helping her with errands, and doing so will lead to an even wider variety of seeds becoming available to you. Home-grown raspberries? Yes please!

Kitaria Fables Combat GIF 1

Towering brown bear “Shamrock” is the Paw Village blacksmith – and the epitome of a gentle giant! You’ll find him hard at work at his workshop in the South-West corner of the village. Able to craft blades, bows, helmets or chest plates – Shamrock is your one stop shop for everything weapons and armour!

Change your appearance at home with a selection of skins to choose from, and suit up with the various gear available at the blacksmith’s. Hats, horns, huge swords, wings and golden helmets – Shamrock has it all! That is, if you can gather the finest and rarest materils in Kitaria to forge them!

Kitaria Fables Sage Alby GIF

Commander Hazel can be found at the towering Rivero Fortress to the South-East of Paw Village. Her calm, measured temperament makes her a formidable commander in the Empire’s army and a fearsome ally in the fight against the region’s monsters.

Working alongside this fiercely loyal warrior, you’ll be sent to every corner of the map investigating disturbances and patrolling for monsters. Collect all manner of materials, relics and rewards along the way as you face off against foes in the name of Rivero!

Kitaria Fables Combat GIF 1

Just to the South of Paw Village square you’ll find Ms Apple – the best chef in all of Kitaria! Whether you grow them on your farm or collect them during your quests and battles, be sure to store up the ingredients and Ms Apple can cook, bake, boil or blend most of these into tasty treats for you!

From a quick heal, buffed defences, or some powerful stat bonuses – all food, drinks and snacks in Kitaria come with perks, and in some cases, interesting side effects…

Kitaria Fables Bow Combat GIF

Adorable Action Adventure Kitaria Fables will be coming to PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC! 

Check out #KitariaFables and @KitariaFables on social media! For more information and the latest news, follow us on TwitterFacebookTwitchInstagram and our official website: http://pqube.co.uk/

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