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1st April 2021

‘International Space Banana’, Out Now on Steam!

PQube and Cool Scooter Software are thrilled to confirm that smash hit zero-gravity physics simulator International Space Banana is out now on Steam! 

To compound what is already being touted as game of the year by many outlets, International Space Banana will be available exclusively on Steam with a 10% launch discount and in an incredible high end collectors edition format.  

Take control of aerospace scientist turned banana as you attempt to retrace your steps across 8 unique, punishing levels through this seemingly abandoned space station. Confront obstacle courses, time trials and more as you, a banana, navigate this unintuiative, nightmarish, man-sized hellscape.

Check out the International Space Banana launch trailer

Take control of aerospace scientist turned banana as you attempt to retrace your steps across 8 unique, punishing levels featuring painfully accurate physics simulations, puzzles and more as you try to figure out what the hell happened.

Out of this world collectors edition

Available only through our good friends at Funstock, the International Space Banana Collectors Edition is our biggest ever special edition, featuring hardened space-flight carry case packed with authentic NANA space traveller gear, including: 

  • Golden Banana Statuette The centrepiece of the International Space Banana Collector’s Edition is the “24 carrot” Gold Statuette. This exclusive work of art is an extremely decadent testament to your unmatched patience, fortitude and grasp of curved trajectory objects in space. 
  • Official NANA Space Helmet. Fully immerse yourself in the International Space Banana experience with this life-sized official NANA Space Helmet. Regulation size and featuring all necessary components for a successful deep space mission.
  • Astronaut Equipment Carry Case. Keeping your gear safe and pristine, your Collctors Edition comes packaged tightly in this official astronaut equipment carry case. Sturdy and adorned with the International Space Banana logo, its robust construction offers superior protection from the elements, dust and impacts of any kind.
  • Plus tons more official International Space Banana merchandise not available anywhere else on this planet, or the next: Vinyl Soundtrack, Banana Phone‘Bananas, Through The Ages’ Calendar,NANA Sew-On Patches, Exclusive Character Pins

Watch the International Space Banana Collectors Edition Trailer:

Enjoy the sweet sound of eminent admiration and unconditional love as International Space Banana‘s iconic hero, the banana, features in his very own theme song – Banana-Chan!

Zero-Gravity Physics Simulator International Space Banana Launching on Steam Imminently!

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