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20th August 2020

Inertial Drift: Animated Intro and all Game Modes revealed

Coming to consoles and PC on September 11th

PQube and developer Level 91 Entertainment are pumped to reveal an amazing Animated Intro to Inertial Drift together with a closer look at the game’s diverse modes today!

The drift-heavy 1-on1 arcade racer will be available on September 11th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC/Steam. Additionally, the Sunset Prologue of Inertial Drift is currently playable for free on Steam!

Fasten your seat belts for the Animated Intro:

Inertial Drift offers a variety of intense race modes that let players the game’s unique controls to its limits! Challenge the highscores in Time Attack, race other players in Duel, analyise their driving in Ghost Battle or show off your drifting skills in Style:

1. Practice

Practice makes… you know the rest. This mode keeps things simple – just you, your car and the road. It’s the perfect way to get used to the handling of a brand new car for the first time, without having to compete for track-space with rivals.

2. Ghost Battle

Like practise mode, this is another great place to hone your craft, only this time you’ll be racing against the ghosts of other players. Unlike in a full 1v1 race, Ghost Battles allow you a valuable insight into the way your opponents approach a track. Keep an eye out for their glowing skid-trails to help you study their lines and knock valuable seconds off your lap times.

3. Time Attack

Those who have already checked out the Inertial Drift: Sunset Prologue will be more than familiar with this mode. The objective is simple – record the fastest lap. Achieving it will be another matter…

4. Race

This is what’s it’s all about.
Intense, head-to-head racing in some of the most exciting cars you’ll ever get behind the wheel of. All cars are fitted with the Phase Shift Impact Prevention System, so all you and your opponent need to do is focus on your lines. But don’t make the mistake of thinking there won’t be any crashes – the 20 tracks will demand total concentration and no shortage of skill to navigate safely.

5. Duel

As well as a traditional race, you can also take on drivers in Duel mode. Score points by putting distance between yourself and an opponent – and the first driver to fill up their bar wins! The race lead can swing frequently from one driver to another in Inertial Drift, so every second you can stay ahead is vital.

6. Endurance

In this mode you’ll race solo, attempting to reach each checkpoint before the timer runs out. Sure, the first lap might be easy enough – but how long will you be able to keep it up?

7. Style

Every drifter knows that it’s not always about speed. This mode rewards those who are willing to take a risk in the pursuit of style. Race on the very limits of the track and earn points for nose skims, dirt drops and more. You can chain up moves for a greater reward, but be warned: you will be penalized for crashing.

Inertial Drift will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam on September 11th!

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