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4th July 2018


Review codes are available on Steam Early Access.


PQube, London, UK (July 2nd 2018) – Some people like bird watching. Some people like a lazy Sunday afternoon drive. Some people like to throw themselves into a trolley, and smash head-first into man-sized bowling pins!

Watch the Nippon Marathon trailer here:

That’s right folks, developers Onion Soup Interactive and publishers PQube are pleased to announce that Go-Go Trolley Bowling, the hilarious new multi-player mode for the (already thoroughly ridiculous!) NIPPON MARATHON is out now on Steam!

Go-Go Trolley Bowling sees you and up to 7 of your friends battling it out for supremacy in an oversized bowling alley. Pick from 5 to 10 frames per game before taking a running jump into a shopping cart and careering headlong into the giant bowling pins below!

In true Nippon Marathon-style, however, things are never that simple – prepare for more of the game’s signature OTT physics to wreak mayhem on your attempts to score points!

Between each frame, randomised hazards come in to play. Wince as you smash through barrels and paper doors! Watch out as Shiba Inu enter the fray! Look on in bemusement as Disco Balls and carp look to send you into the gutter – and remember folks, it’s not the winning that counts, but the bone-shattering idiocy of how you lost, that’s important!

Go-To Trolley Bowling is now available in Nippon Marathon – out now on Steam Early Access, and coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One in Autumn/Fall 2018

Buy Nippon Marathon on Early Access here – currently with 30% OFF in the Steam Sale!

Check out #NipponMarathon on social media! For more information and the latest news, follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/PQubeGames, on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pqube and on the official Nippon Marathon website at http://www.pqube.co.uk/nippon-marathon/

And for all Nippon Marathon updates, please follow the sport’s official news anchor Wedy herself at https://twitter.com/nipponmarathon and https://www.facebook.com/NipponMarathon/.

Nippon Marathon assets can be found here:

For all PR inquiries please contact: [email protected]

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