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23rd May 2023

ghostpia season one is Out Now on Nintendo Switch

ghostpia season one‘ is a unique ghost story that follows Sayoko, a forgetful ghost struggling to recall her past and her purpose. With a unique art style, ability to rewind like a VCR, and a linear story that takes the stress out of deciding dialogue options, ‘ghostpia season one’ is full of the mysteries in Sayoko’s forgotten memories, and how the ghost town she lives in came to be.​

  • Immerse yourself in a rich 100% narrative journey – With no branching routes or events, you can fully enjoy the unique storytelling as you would any good movie. Even pause, fast-forward and rewind as you please to view at your own pace.
  • Delicately illustrated art style reminiscent of a children’s book featuring glitch and noise effects to evoke a nostalgic visual novel vibe. A lo-fi aesthetic to compliment the classic visual novel experience.
  • Quirky yet relatable characters with the ability to revive again and again…they may be ghosts, but they still worry about friendship, loneliness and home décor?!
  • A captivating Japanese ‘denshi’ (digital graphical novel) with a dark, complex storyline that strikes your emotions and has you experiencing the comedic fun, the violent dangers, the lonely struggles and the absolutely bizarre alongside the characters in all 5 episodes.
  • Playful atmospheric soundtrack that hits all the right spots to create the perfect cinematic experience, alongside surprising sound effects that replace voice lines.

Check Out the ‘ghostpia season one’ Launch Trailer:

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