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20th July 2021

Hack ‘n’ Slash Side-Scrolling Platformer Fallen Knight Releases On PC, PlayStation & Xbox Today!

We are excited to launch Fallen Knight’ to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X via backwards compatibility! Nintendo Switch version coming soon in 2021.

Blur lines between integrity and responsibility as you battle against old acquaintances and new enemies in this side-scrolling hack ‘n slash action platformer.

In Fallen Knight, dive into a futuristic knight’s tale lets players take on the role of a Knight of the Round Table. Expect a Dark Souls-esque challenging experience coupled with a fast-paced sword action gameplay that will punish players for every mistakeand reward generously with every victory.

Check out the ‘Fallen Knight’ Launch trailer:

As Lancelot, the Honourable Knight, Fallen Knight challengers players with multiple ways to play and multiple endings determined by each action the player takes.

You may choose to kill your enemies or skilfully parry & disarm them, exhibiting the mercy and honour of a Knight of the Round Table. How you play leads you to discover different endings of the game and story.

As Galahad, an Assassin from the Knights of the Round Table, players will take an alternative route through the story to save Neo Utopia from The Purge. 

‘Galahad’s Path’ brings rogue-like gameplay to Fallen Knight, where players only have “one life”. If players fail, they will have to restart from the first stage so be careful!

Enjoy nostalgia fueled gameplay that players have come to know and love augmented with unique combat systems such as Lancelot’s “Parry & Disarm” or Galahad’s “Assassinate”.

When playing as Lancelot, the Honourable Knight, killing should be a last resort, disarm your enemies and parry their attacks as you clear level after level. As Galahad, the elite Assassin, assassinate your enemies swiftly and ruthlessly.

Take on the formidable bosses of The Purge who stand in your way from protecting Neo Utopia and the secrets you’re sworn to protect.

Each boss holds their own challenge, their own trials to overcome. Are you up to the challenge and live up to your reputation as a “Knight of the Round Table”? Every time you fail, upgrade your abilities using honour points and come back with a vengeance!

Enjoy multiple gameplay modes to play the game the way you want to. 

  • Casual mode for a relaxing experience to enjoy the story and crisp graphics
  • Normal mode for more of a challenge to become a Fallen Knight legend
  • Galahad’s Path for a rogue-like experience.
  • Boss Rush mode is unlocked after you complete the main story on any difficulty. Challenge yourself by fighting all game bosses back to back! In this mode, Lancelot’s skills will be limited, so you will need to adapt to each battle in order to win!
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