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2nd July 2021

Acclaimed Precision Puzzle Platformer ‘Evergate’ Physical Edition Out Now on PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

We are thrilled to announce that critically acclaimed precision puzzle-platformer Evergate is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5 in physical and digital format!

  • A haunting 2D puzzle-platformer set in a stunning hand-drawn vision of the Afterlife
  • Bit Awards nominee for best style and PC/Console game of the year
  • PlayStation 5 physical & digital versions out today
  • Rated 9/10 by Nintendo Life and GameSpot
  • 20% launch discount for PS+ members until 16th July 2021
  • Also available in digital format on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series X, Nintendo Switch and Steam

Take on seven unique levels in this haunting precision puzzle-platformer, set in a stunning hand-drawn vision of the Afterlife, with an original score recorded by a live orchestra.

9/10 “Sumptuous graphical style and wonderful orchestral soundtrack”Nintendo Life

9/10 “Inventive puzzling constantly surprises with new mechanics”Gamespot

Available in both physical and digital formats, ‘Evergate’ is out now on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, including Limited Edition version exclusively available on the Funstock store!

Buy ‘Evergate’ on PlayStation 5:

Buy ‘Evergate’ on Nintendo Switch:

… and more!

Available on both PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, the Evergate Limited Edition features adorable ‘Ki-ring’ and is exclusive to the Funstock Store.

When an otherworldly Storm arrives, Ki finds herself entangled in a struggle to save the very cycle of life.

The Evergate, a portal for reincarnation, prevents Ki from leaving and instead opens up channels to her many past lives. Something or someone in her past is the key to stop the Storm!

This ancient power of the Afterlife allows Ki to slow down time, take aim and fire a beam of energy at white surfaces known as “the source”.

Players use crystals found throughout the stage that, once shattered using their Soulflame, unleash powers to help them reach their goal.

Align a crystal in-between ‘the source’ while wielding your Soulflame and shoot to unleash it’s energy.

Navigate 85 challenging stages and Complete each level by reaching the end gate.

There are multiple paths and routes to completion; it is up to you to create your own way.

‘Evergate’ Physical Edition Out Now on PlayStation 5 & Nintendo Switch

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