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17th March 2021

Build, Adapt & Overcome: Early Access ‘Rover Builder’ Receives Massive Overhaul Plus 5 More Major Updates to Come

Update 1 Featuring New Levels, Expanded Rover Creator and More Coming April 2021

We are excited to announce our partnership with developer Hatfuls Creative to bring a series of 5 massive updates to vehicle building simulator Rover Builder, playable now in early access on Steam!

  • Engineer rovers, bulldozers, ATVs and more with virtually unrestricted vehicle building
  • Complete missions, design new levels and share your creations with other players at launch
  • 5 huge updates to come including new game modes, levels, rover parts, weapons, and more
  • Update 1 launching April, 2021 featuring new levels and improved rover creator
  • Currently available in early access on Steam

Check out the Rover Builder trailer:

Engineer. Problem Solve. Destroy. Overcome

Build amazing 3D vehicles from simple buggies to trucks, cranes and rocket powered rovers in the all new Rover Builder! With a massive selection of parts, materials, weapons and more, design true mechanical systems simulated in real time.

In Rover Builder, you will be tasked with solving increasingly challenging missions by building the right rover for the job. From retrieve and return collection missions, to traversing difficult terrain and combatting AI enemies.

Build Anything with Rover Editor

Featuring a unique construction system, set on a 64³ unit volume 3D building grid, design and create fully functional mechanical systems for a variety of rover types

Engineer vehicles unique to each level and mission using a myriad of materials and parts. Build your rovers from the central unit up, adding on programmable weapons and custom keystroke controls to overcome obstacles!

Rover Editor makes the building process easy with three levels of creation:

  • Central Unit – the core supplying power to your rover, if parts lose connection, or the central unit takes damage, your rover will become ineffective 
  • Materials – create the structure for your build, containing wooden beams, hydraulics, springs and a variety of wheels, tracks and more
  • Parts & Components – kit out your rover to face any challenge, add weapons, tools, weights and more that can be controlled with custom keystroke programming

Design Maps in Level Editor

Have total freedom over your environment – create custom levels in the hard surface 3D modelling Level Editor! Scult your landscape with mesh editing mode, add trees, rocks, grass and then implement your challenges using the likes of magnets, turrets and props in object edit mode!

Level Editor also includes:

  • Day/Night slider to create dark and light levels
  • Draw Elevation tool for easy raised or sunken surface creation
  • Custom Stage Rules including rover parts, time limits, goals and more
  • Level sharing
  • NPC Rovers with programmable behaviours
  • and lots more!

Unrestricted Creativity

If you can imagine it, you can build it – with hundreds of potential elements across the rover and level editors, Rover Builder offers endless possibilities. Build your rover on wheels, tracks, flying or walking, arm it with destructive weaponry or task-oriented tools – there are no limits to what you can create.

Append saved rover designs into levels as objects or enemies, create custom parts for each stage and develop complex, interactive environments with builds such as slider-equipped doors that can be opened with the magnets, or rotating windmills to latch onto and reach elevated areas.

Join Our Discord

With so many ways to engineer vehicles, design levels and complete missions, join the community to get hints, tips and tricks from fellow builders, provide feedback or share your builds with the group in the Rover Builder Discord!

Together with developer Hatfuls Gameswe will be bringing 5 huge updates to revolutionise Rover Builder in the lead up to launch. Early access players will gain access to each update as they are released, adding tons of new features, parts and abilities!

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