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18th May 2022

‘Die After Sunset’ – Content Update #2

PQube and developer Playstark are pleased to release the second of the Steam Early Access updates to roguelite shooter Die After Sunset! As of right now, gamers can enjoy an entirely new way to play with a brand-new character. ‘Hune’ is the third character players can choose to battle against the Murkor hordes!

Die After Sunset is a 3rd person roguelite with a unique light and darkness mechanic; enemies get stronger in the shadows! In a race against the inevitable sunset, it’s up to you to tool up with an astonishing array of items, gadgets and weapons to help you take down colossal Murkor bosses! But remember, death is not the end – for every defeat will only make you stronger. Collect Mukus from the fallen Murkors and cash it in back at base to empower yourself for your next run!

The Backstory…

Hune was a brilliant young scientist who, despite her age, proved to be a true genius of technology and genetic engineering. To try and bolster their research, the Murkors kidnapped and forced her to work for them. When she wouldn’t comply, Hune became the research. The Murkors experimented on her body, building her to be a weapon to fight the humans. This quickly became their biggest regret, when Hune finally broke free and took her revenge…

Lasers, Lasers, Lasers….

When Hune was kidnapped, the Murkors experimented heavily with her body – installing lasers directly into her fingers. They didn’t realise that, on her release, she could use her new found weapons against them.

Missiles; maximum damage, minimal effort. 

Missiles were originally installed on Hune for the Murkors to demolish human infrastructure, now, they regret they ever experimented on her. Maximum damage over minimal time – Hune’s missiles take enemies out swiftly!

And now, you float. 

The Murkors have always been interested in bending the fabric of earth’s gravity. Their first experiments were on Hune. While they learned a lot, once Hune broke free from their labs, she used her new found gravity ability against them. 

Breaking space and time…

Teleportation has been a key to the Murkors’ invasion of earth. Stupidly, they handed those keys directly over to the humans when Hune broke out – giving her the ability to cover ground instantly. 

There’s even more to come!

We will be adding new levels, items, missions and constantly tweaking Die After Sunset with the help of community feedback. Join our Discord to give your feedback and help shape the future of development! 

The Final Level – New Missions – New Murkor – Fixes – Item Balancing

In June, you’ll go head-to-head with NegaMurk…
The alien creature that is responsible for the attack on Earth. Take on the game’s final boss in a brand new level that’ll test your skills to the limits.  To make matters worse, a brand new Murkor-type plagues the map. Luckily, you’ll have a new batch of missions to help power yourself up to help tackle this new infestation! 

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