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17th August 2023

Die After Sunset Is Out Now On PC & Consoles

Travel Through Time & Defend Earth's History From Being Erased By Invading Alien Hordes!

Get ready to save the world in this time-travelling action roguelite! Die After Sunset is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch (digitally), and Steam as a full release! Physical editions are also available on PlayStation 5, with Nintendo Switch physicals coming soon.

‘Die After Sunset’ is an action-packed roguelite shooter stacked with hundreds of item combinations, unique quests, monstrous bosses, and colour-packed environments to explore! Take your pick of three unique ‘Defenders’ and brave the hordes of alien ‘Murkors’. Their duck hats may look cute, but they pack a serious bite if you catch them in the dark!

  • Go and Save the World, Defender – Three unique styles to choose from!
  • Fight In The Light! – Murkors draw their power from the shadows, growing in size and strength.
  • Gigantic Levels, Colossal Bosses! – Explore and conquer huge and colourful levels as you clash head-on with the Murkor hordes.
  • No Run is Ever the Same – With uniquely generated missions every time you start anew, no two runs will ever be the same!
  • Experiment With Hundreds of Item Combinations – Collect as much as possible before the sun sets to give you the best possible chance to fight the Murkor bosses.
  • Death Is Not The End – With ‘Mukus’ in the bank you can progress level-trees and make yourself stronger on every run.
  • Challenge Yourself – Target a list of challenges to unlock all-new weapons, items and game settings!

Launch Trailer

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