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24th January 2023

Curse of the Sea Rats release date announcement & Boss Trailer!

Watch out Sea Rats!

Big news incoming, as we can finally reveal that Curse of the Sea Rats will launch on 6th April 2023! To celebrate, we have a brand-new trailer showcasing some of many intense boss battles you’ll be tackling during your adventure.

The wicked Captain Flora Burn has deployed her crewmates at various key locations to hinder your progress. Hand-picked by Flora herself, these devilish pirates have earned their fearsome reputation, one way or another…

On top of this, the local wildlife has been transformed by the fiendish magic of the Pirate Witch, with some creatures mutating into monstrous behemoths who will present a serious threat to would-be adventurers.

Check out some of the more ruthless members of Flora’s crew as well as the other dangers that lurk along the Irish Coast in our new Boss Trailer!

From the twisted Freddy Eightfingers to the quick-tempered Short Fuse Jones, Flora has gathered some of the deadliest pirates throughout the seven seas. As if dangerous swashbucklers, weren’t bad enough, strange creatures like Krabawaki & King Clapper have also crawled out of the woodwork, lured by the promise of power and riches.


A few months back we announced that Curse of the Sea Rats would be fully voiced! There is some incredible talent behind each of the boss characters, and we wanted to share with you the full list of credits for the talent involved, just in this trailer alone!

  • Naomi Miller as La Chusa.
  • Anita Kyoda as Sharpie the Sharp.
  • Atilla Akinci as Murat Reis.
  • Lex Sharp as the Lighthouse Keeper.
  • Marine D’Aure as Rama Cinnamon.
  • Adi Alfa as Fatsie.
  • Will De Renzy-Martin as Fatso and Freddy Eightfingers.
  • Mikee W Goodman as Krabawaki & King Clapper, Short Fuse Jones, and the Necromancer.

Explore an intriguing setting full of secrets to uncover, diabolical enemies, to combat and challenging bosses to overcome when

Curse of the Sea Rats launches on 6th April 2023!

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