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6th April 2023

Curse of the Sea Rats is Out Now

Avast ye!

The wait is finally over, Curse of the Sea Rats is OUT NOW! The time has come to take down Flora Burn, rescue Admiral Blacksmith’s son, and reverse the curse once and for all!

Check out the action-packed Launch Trailer below:

Play as one of four prisoners of the British Empire on their quest for freedom and utilise their newly awakened elemental powers. Harness fire with the swash-buckling David Douglas, unleash lightning-fast combos as Buffalo Calf, create catastrophic quakes as Bussa, or harness the devastating power of a tsunami as Akane Yamakawa.

Battle your way through hordes of pirates, fauna, and flora to gain Spiritual Energy, and visit Wu Yun to unlock new abilities and upgrade your skills.

Explore a huge variety of different environments along the Irish Coast and take on challenging bosses. Seek out a range of NPCs including fellow shipwrecked crew, eccentric locals and even supernatural entities. Embark on numerous side quests and uncover the mysteries of the Island…

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