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26th April 2024

Classic Dungeon Crawler ‘Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition’ is OUT NOW!

A HD remaster of these two classic dungeon crawlers! Choose from different races and courses to create your ideal cohort of students and build a fearsome team. With help from your teachers, become the ultimate adventurer and overcome the challenging dungeons!

Class of Heroes ‘Anniversary Edition’:

  • Student Specialisation: choose the name, gender, class, alignment, and course for your students to build the ultimate team.
  • Tailor your team’s attacks: strong, and hidden monsters lurk around every corner of the dungeons. Prepare your team to fight against these evil creatures.
  • Multiple dungeons to explore: with more than 75 dungeons that change every time you enter, you’ll never get bored of getting lost!
  • Resource management: from priceless treasures to worthless trash, manage your dungeon haul wisely.
  • Customise your weapons: from power stones to war hammers, customise the attributes of your weapons to become a force to be reckoned with!

Class of Heroes ‘2G Remaster Edition’:

  • Three different schools: each school has its own host of interesting characters and courses which your students can take.
  • Countless combinations: with 10 different classes, 18 different courses, and 3 different alignments, creating the perfect team is endless.
  • Endless dungeon maps: 100+ dungeon maps to conquer and explore. All with different terrains and environments, each dungeon is never quite the same.
  • Numerous enemies to defeat: from clusters of small enemies, to terrifying beasts, they will hunt your every move. Be prepared to defeat these determined enemies.

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Student Specialisation

As a first-year student at Particus Academy, you must study and train even harder. Educate your class in the art of evasion and train them in the fundamentals of combat. Select the right harmony of classes, skills and courses for your students, to give them the perfect edge!

Build the Perfect Team

Build your perfect roster and handpick your ideal party of 6 students to storm the labyrinths. Mix and match from 10 races and 18 classes, each with their own unique skill sets. Don’t forget to collect artefacts, explore inter-dimensional travel, and conquer adversity!

Remastered Classic Dungeon Crawler

A call for brave adventurers awaits at the doors of Crostini Academy. Prepare yourself for a remastered classic dungeon crawler, full of exploration, combat, and endless opportunities. Take advantage of the classes and quests available to build the ultimate, hardy cohort of students!

'Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition' is OUT NOW!

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