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4th December 2019


We have patch notes for the latest BBTAG patch right here! It’s available now on PS4, so make sure you grab it! Coming later to Switch.

Fixed Issues 

■Fixed an issue where the game will freeze when certain conditions are met during battle.

■The following issues regarding battle has been fixed.


・Fixed an issue where Cross Raid will be interrupted during mid-action.

・Changed Cross Raid to only hit on characters in the damage state.

・Fixed an issue where characters are unable to block during landing after activating Resonance Blaze in mid-air.

・Changed Susanoo’s and Yumi’s Clash Assault’s active frame to be the same as the rest of the cast.

・Fixed an issue with Training Mode’s Counterattack Settings for certain characters where the desired action was not being performed.


・Adjusted the knockback of “Zero Gun – Fenrir.”


・Fixed an issue where the opponent is able to recover during a successful “Gotcha!” connects.

・Fixed an issue where players are unable to summon Takemikazuchi when certain conditions are met.


・Fixed an issue with charged “B ver. Corkscrew” where the amount of gauge gained after a successful “Parry” is not as intended.

・Changed the Fast Attack of “Counterattack Settings” in Training Mode from “Crouching A” to “←+A”.


・Fixed an issue where the direction of the Skill performed after a normal throw is in the wrong direction when fighting against certain character.


・Fixed an issue with “←+A” where the proration of the move was not changed as stated in the previous patch note.


・Fixed an issue with “Smart Combo 2 (2ndhit)(B, B)” where the additional proration is applied twice during Semblance.


・Fixed an issue where the recovery frame of “Crouching B” is in the standing state instead of the crouching state.

・Changed “Mind Charge” to not lose any life when it is performed right after an opponent’s character is defeated.

・Fixed an issue with “Megidolaon” where the opponent character is able to escape from the lock during certain situation.


・Fixed an issue with “Pillar of Revenance” where the opponent character is able to escape from the lock during certain situation.


・Fixed an issue where the effect of projectile moves such as “Whirling Fans” and “Grand Stage: Snowbird” not being displayed correctly.


・Changed the behavior of “Overactive Devastation” and “Distortion Skill Duo” so that it is easier to hit the partner character in certain situation.

■Fixed an issue where the color of the avatar is not being displayed correctly in Room Match.

■Fixed an issue with the Gallery Mode where certain illustrations are being locked after updating the game.

■Fixed several minor spelling, motion, and effect issu

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