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26th April 2023

ArcRunner Out Now On Steam, Epic Store & GOG!

Coming Soon To PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

PQube and developer TrickJump Games are excited to release cyberpunk action roguelite ‘ArcRunner‘ on Steam, Epic Store & GOG! ‘ArcRunner’ will also be coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X later this year.

The ArcRunner protocol is initialised: The stored mind of the greatest tactical operative downloaded into a cybernetic android body and released with one goal: Defeat the zone Guardians, make it to KORE, and restore it to sanity. Clash in gun fights with swarms of deadly sentient robotic enemies, programmed with one objective – your annihilation.

Select a character that aligns with your unique combat style and utilise cutting-edge augmentations after every successfully completed level. Experiment with a diverse arsenal of firepower and team up with friends online as you attempt to save ‘The Arc’.

Check Out the ‘ArcRunner’ Launch Trailer:

Fight Alongside Friends, or Solo in a Gorgeous Cyberpunk World...

Battle through multiple zones, each with uniquely generated levels, from the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of The City to the luxurious Eden Heights. With each level randomised, no two runs will be the same. Team up with a friend or two online to coordinate your tactics and battle plan as you attempt to reset an AI gone rogue!

Experiment With a Vast Arsenal of Weapons

Scan the environment and loot defeated enemies for new weapons, such a the cluster-firing-shotgun ‘Demolisher’ and the pin-point accurate ‘Plasma Bow’. Utilise permanent nanite upgrades to attach modifications, allowing you to increase damage and equip multiple weapons.

Augment & Upgrade To Become Stronger

Strategically augment yourself with stronger abilities & power ups at the end of every level. Make yourself even more advanced by spending your collected ‘nanites’ & purchase powerful meta-progression upgrades in the cryochamber. Choose from a variety of improvements to increase damage, health, add weapon mod slots, and equip powerful augmentations to help you survive.

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