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1st February 2024

Cyberpunk Roguelite Shooter ‘ArcRunner’ Coming to Consoles April 18th 2024!

Traverse ‘The Arc’ in this beautiful, cyberpunk-styled action rogue-lite as you attempt to reset an evil rogue AI. Engage in intense gunfights with a vast arsenal of looted cybernetic weaponry, all set to the pulse of an electrifying synth-wave soundtrack. Navigate each zone strategically, making crucial decisions on augmented upgrades that mould your tactical prowess. Collect nanites after every run for powerful meta-progression upgrades, shaping your resilience and capabilities for the ever-evolving threats ahead. Choose to brave the challenges solo or unite with up to two friends and fight back the robotic hordes!

Clash in Adrenaline-fuelled Gunfights With A Diverse Arsenal of Looted Weapons
Experiment with an array of cybernetic firearms as you adapt your tactics continuously to confront the relentless and ever-evolving robotic threat.

Play Solo or With Friends to Annihilate AI Together
Embark on the mission solo or unite with up to two friends for a cooperative assault on rogue AI… Strategize and coordinate your tactics seamlessly to navigate the challenges within ‘The Arc’ and emerge victorious.

Navigate Stunning Cyberpunk-inspired Towns and Cityscapes
Battle through multiple zones, each with uniquely generated levels, from the dystopian cyberpunk metropolis of The City to the luxurious Eden Heights.  

Augment and Adapt To The Challenge
Select augmented upgrades between levels to fortify your capabilities after conquering each zone. Be careful, as the loss of life results in the forfeiture of all your hard-earned augments!

Earn Nanites
Earn nanites during each run and purchase powerful meta-progression upgrades in the cryo-chamber.

Confront Formidable Adversaries
Engage in tense battles against mighty rogue bosses. These towering foes, equipped with devastating weaponry and unique abilities, will put your combat skills to the ultimate test.

Electrifying Synthwave Soundtrack Drives The Chaos
Skilfully obliterate rogue machines while a head-nodding syntonic backing track intensifies the thrill of the battle.



Become the ultimate tactical operative by selecting your android body from one of three distinctive classes: Soldier, Ninja, or Hacker, tailored to your preferred playstyle.
Upon atomisation, navigate breathtaking neon-drenched streets and prepare for relentless gunfights underlined by a pulse-pounding synth-wave soundtrack.

Loot fallen enemies for dropped firearms, engaging in improvisational combat that constantly refines your tactics and beckons for experimentation with cutting-edge cybernetic weaponry.


Embrace the inevitable cycle of renewal on ‘The Arc’, where death is not the end, but a chance to re-atomise and power up with collected nanites. Strategically allocate nanites to permanently enhance your character, testing your decision-making skills and adapting your playstyle to overcome challenges. Invest in damage, health, weapon mod slots and more to forge a resilient operative ready for the ever-evolving challenges ahead.


Each conquered zone you earn presents an opportunity to fine-tune your cybernetic enhancements, ensuring you are better equipped to face the escalating challenges ahead. Choose between four distinct augments to bolster your operative for the trials that lie beyond… however, tread carefully in this high-stakes environment, as the loss of life translates to the forfeiture of all your hard-earned augments.


Get back in the fight, and why not battle the KORE with the help of your friends? Play ArcRunner online with up to three players and defeat the evil AI together! Coordinate strategies, share the excitement of unlocking a vast arsenal of weapons, and face the upcoming challenges as a united front.


‘ArcRunner’ physical editions will be released alongside the digital console versions on 18th April, 2024. Secure yourself a physical copy of ArcRunner on PlayStation now!

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