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25th May 2023

‘Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire’ Coming to Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X & Nintendo Switch

PQube and developers Octeto Studios are excited to announce classic JRPG-inspired ‘Sky Oceans: Wings for Hire‘ is coming to Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S|X & Nintendo Switch! Set in the open skies, experience adrenaline-filled turn-based dogfights as you take the role of captain and unite a party of rag-tag sky pirates setting upon an unforgettable, touching journey. ​

  • Relive a Golden Era of Classic JRPGs
  • Become Captain of a Rag-tag Crew of Sky Pirates!
  • Stylistic, Strategic Turn-Based Dog-Fights!
  • Gather Resources & Upgrade Your Airships!
  • A Beautiful Ghibili-Esque World, Filled With Wonder
  • Original Orchestral Soundtrack

Check out the 'Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire' Announcement Trailer:

Centuries have passed since The Great Scattering, a cataclysmic event that shattered the surface of the planet, throwing large portions of land toward the skies, and destroying most of the human civilization in the process.

Remnants of the planet are still found within the atmosphere, where humanity has formed new tribes and adapted to live up in the skies… Take the role of Glenn Windwalker, a young and tenacious captain who yearns for exploration as he is thrust into an adventure of a lifetime


Whether you travel on foot through beautifully bustling towns or take to the open skies within your airship, ‘Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire’ rewards those who explore. Explore diverse locations to build new relationships, and discover additional missions to uncover secret treasures!


Recruit your very own crew of swash-buckling Sky Pirates one-by-one. Each unique member comes with their own diverse backgrounds, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and you are responsible to keep them happy for bonus efficiency in battles.

There are multiple dialog options while interacting with characters in ‘Sky Oceans: Wings For Hire’. Your choices will impact on how they feel about you, so choose your decisions carefully!


Clash with adversaries in the open skies in thrilling dogfights, beautifully rendered with gorgeous, screen-popping UI elements. Tactically choose your attacks or take the option to evade incoming fire from your enemies!

After long battles in the skies, it is important to maintain your teams safety. Upgrade your teams offensive and defensive power with extra weapons, reinforced equipment, and agility improvements to help you survive!

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