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3rd November 2023

Announcing Wholesome Store Management Sim ‘Discounty’!

PQube Announces Partnership With Crinkle Cut Games To Publish 'Discounty'!

Nothing in life is handed to you… Except, this new job as a shopkeeper… And eventually the entire store… *Ahem*. Step into the shoes of an aspiring supermarket manager as you navigate the intricacies of salvaging your local store and growing it into a business empire!

Organise your shop, manage your stock levels, work the checkout, and barter for trade goods within the community – all the while meeting your customer’s specific needs. Build relationships or make enemies by interacting with the local townsfolk and forging a new life of your own in Blomkest.

A Warm-ish Welcome to Blomkest: Your dear old aunt beckons you to meet her in Blomkest, a run-down harbour town with a dwindling population, and puts you in charge of its only grocery store. Salvage the local Discounty branch and put Blomkest back on the map!

Craft Your Shopkeeper: Personalise your appearance, handpick your outfit, and give yourself a name that resonates with your unique style. Rest assured, your ever-wise Aunt will always know you, no matter your chosen guise.

Build & Expand Your Dream Shop: Rearrange shelves and products to create an inviting atmosphere where customer satisfaction is guaranteed! Design aisles thoughtfully to guide an array of shoppers to their unique needs. As profits grow, so can your store as you reinvest to build upon your shop! Be warned: too much growth might upset your fellow villagers

The Customer Is Always Right: Balance the many chaotic tasks of a shopkeeper… ensure shelves are stocked, floors gleam and the storage room exudes perfect order and tidiness! Each visitor arrives with their own shopping list and distinct preferences (not everyone is the easiest to deal with…). It’s your heartfelt duty to ensure every shopper leaves with a smile!

Ring Up Customer’s Shopping Swiftly: Your customers don’t have all day… quickly scan through shopping lists and successfully calculate total bills. Your efficiency will make customers happy, encouraging their loyalty. Can you navigate the bustling store to meet everyone’s needs with grace and goodwill?
Strike Trade Deals With Locals: Blomkestians don’t take particularly well to newcomers, but there are still quite a few producers and manufacturers left in town. Gain their trust, make trade deals, and sell local goods to make more profit!

Build Heartfelt Relationships (or make lifelong enemies): Don’t neglect customer relations! Outside of store hours, you are free to explore the town and get to know its quirky residents. Build relationships with everyone in town and unravel the mystery of Blomkest’s past. Plus, making a few friends can’t be bad for business…Although, not all of your fellow villagers want you to succeed. Turns out, selling frozen fries isn’t going to heal the town on its own.

Check Out the 'Discounty' Announcement Trailer:


Following a call from your not-so-distant Aunt Tellar, you find yourself in Blomkest, a once-thriving run-down harbor town with a dwindling population. Your job? To help her revive the local Discounty branch as the shopkeeper and grow it into a business empire!

Aunt Tellar may have forgotten to mention that you’ll be living in an old garage…but you’ll get used to it.


The customer is always right, right?… Ensuring customers’ favourite stock is out on the shop floor and manually ring up items as quickly as you can! If you let the line get too long, your customers might start to get impatient or even leave. Keeping customer satisfaction is the most important thing to a shopkeeper!


While Blomkestians may have their reservations about newcomers, the town still thrives with numerous local producers and manufacturers. Earning their trust, crafting fair trade agreements, and promoting the sale of homegrown treasures will not only enrich your profits but also your bond within this close-knit community.


Beyond the store’s regular hours, you’re invited to discover the town’s delightful quirks and befriend its charming residents. Building relationships with each soul in this town isn’t just about business; it’s an opportunity to uncover the enchanting mysteries of Blomkest’s past. Although, not all of your fellow villagers want you to succeed. Turns out, not everyone loves ever-expanding, never-enough, cold-hearted, money-crazed capitalism. He-he.

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