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KONOSUBA – God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Love For These Clothes of Desire

It's time for a Visual Novel Quest with a twist! Join Kazuma, a reincarnated adventurer, and spend turbulent days with his unfortunate party members. Prepare for waifus, dress-up and resource management and get ready for an Isekai comedy that’s out of this world!



Mages Inc




Visual Novel


8th February 2024


English, Japanese

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Game Overview

Follow Kazuma and company, as they discover a mysterious "Black Slab" with the ability to create magical outfits that curse the wearer with new, intense desires. The girls must wear each of these outfits and fulfil these desires to break the curse and complete their quest. Are you ready to meet Darkness as a ruthless dominatrix? How about Aqua as a primp and proper goddess? Or Megumin as the proud leader of the Lolita League?



Witness a new story in visual novel form! Featuring a full cast of fan-favourite characters from the series, this wild adventure gives you the chance to build up affection with up to seven heroines! Each of them has her own story endings and special dress-up CGs, so pick your words wisely and avoid invoking their wrath! Your choices matter!


Collect resources to create outfits by completing tasks and quests. Fill out a weekly planner for each character based on their strengths to earn funds and resources which can be used for making outfits.

Once the mystical outfits have been made using the “Black Slab” it’s time for the wonderful waifus to play dress-up. Be ready for lots of twists and turns as your favourite characters’ personalities change with each piece of clothing, creating a host of funny, sexy, and silly scenarios.


(c)MAGES. Published by PQube Ltd. (c) 2019 N・K/K/KMP