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ghostpia is a visual novel with colourful visuals that look like a picture book, adorned with glitches and noise, and inspired by nostalgia. Follow Sayoko’s captivating story as she searches for answers in this isolated town, surrounded by a vast desert of snow and unable to fit in with the ghostly atmosphere.​

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Visual Novel, Drama


May 23rd, 2023


English, Japanese

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Welcome to the utopia for ghosts…or so it’s said. Isolated from everything and stuck in an endless loop, join Sayoko as she searches for answers. Get to know a whole cast of interesting characters as they encounter surprising and dangerous situations!




The only outsider living in ghostpia. Young and mysterious, there are rumours in town that she may be a ninja. She is forgetful and somewhat airheaded, and she hates that side of herself.


The first ghost to come to the town from the outside world. Since she doesn't have her own place, she is currently staying at Sayoko’s. Her upbeat and extroverted personality make her very effective as the town's therapist.


A girl of many talents who can wear the hat of a detective, that of a teacher, or even that of a craftswoman. She's in charge of fixing all sorts of troublesome situations around town. She sounds like one extremely influential individual but, around Sayoko, she behaves like any other normal girl.


Works at the local repair shop. She's not very good with people and she can come off as standoffish, but she gets along well with Sayoko. Despite what her apparent lack of femininity may suggest, she's the most experienced one of her group when it comes to handling guys.


A few years younger than Sayoko, she has devoted her life to the Priest and the Church. She's young but hardworking, genuine, and kind to everyone. All these characteristics make her loved by almost every single ghost... Sayoko and the other girls being notable exceptions.

The Priest

The spiritual leader of the Church. It wouldn't be a stretch to say he is the most influential ghost in town. For some reason, he seems very intent on capturing Yoru...


A few years older than Sayoko and the other girls, she can be found working at a costume shop on the outskirts of the town. She has a somewhat intimidating appearance, but she's kind and considerate. She also happens to like playing the piano. It's rare to see her actually working at her shop, as she's mostly dillydallying around.


A rich old lady living in the posh district on the outskirts of the town. She doesn't get out much, and prefers to live her life as a recluse, surrounded by her many beloved pets.

Old Man

An old man nobody knows anything about. He seems to run into Sayoko wherever she goes with the expressed purpose of harassing her. He largely ignores all ghosts except for her. You are usually able to smell him before you can even see him.


The owner of Pacifica's favourite café. Its reasonable prices and relaxing atmosphere have made it a favourite of Sayoko's group's as well. Standing out as one of the only ghosts in town with a darker complexion, he carries a sense of individuality and confidence that makes him particularly popular among his customers.

Police Chief

Works to maintain peace and order in town. You can find him patrolling the streets every day. His sluggish speech makes him sound just as unmotivated as he looks, but he actually takes his job very seriously. He insists that he's a police chief, but whether or not police ranks are even a thing at all in this town is a mystery.

Police Men

They work under the police chief, whose sense of duty toward public peace they share. They don't have much experience in combat, and they're just remarkably unremarkable, run-of-the-mill cops.


She lives on the top floor of Sayoko’s apartment building. The whole floor. She cannot walk, but through talent and smarts she has made a fortune selling sweets. For some reason, she has an almost morbid fixation on Sayoko, who has once happened to help her out.


Renja's underling and most trusted ally. She rarely speaks, but her loyalty for Renja is beyond any doubt, and she'll gladly risk her own life for her sake. She has some medicine skills, and she can even treat minor injuries herself.

The Salvagers

These guys make a living venturing into the dump to retrieve valuable items. It's a dangerous and tiresome job, but they seem to enjoy themselves.