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A visual novel from the legendary eXtend! Mixing dangerous romance with murder mystery, BUSTAFELLOWS is a steamy noir mystery that will make you shiver but ask for more!

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Visual Novel

Release Date

30th July 2021



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The Story

A Top-Tier Otome Visual Novel game with a wholesome crime story… finally brought to the West!

Arrive in New Sieg, a beautiful fictional town. Step into the shoes of Teuta – a strong, smart and gifted journalist, in this romantic adventure set in America. After witnessing the murder of a crooked lawyer, Limbo, Teuta is destined to save him. With the ability to leap into the past for a very brief moment and take on the body of another - you must find clues, search for data, and help those around you. Thus, our journey begins. Travel to the past to warn Limbo of his fate and figure out how to save him!



The specialist at changing his appearance. He appreciates the beauty in things and constantly rates passer-by women based on their looks. Highly confident in his skills, he believes that people can be reborn by changing their natural features.


An Autopsy Specialist. Mozu At only 25 years old, Mozu is the chief of the autopsy department and works with the police force. Often misunderstood as apathetic and indifferent towards others, his way of thinking is usually from a medical point of view, which sometimes creates unexpectedly fun situations. Mozu talks to corpses and it is rumoured that he dissects animals as a hobby. He likes riding bicycles


A 21-year-old freelance journalist working in New Sieg. As a child, she witnessed the murder of her brother, so decided to take up a life of journalism to maintain order and justice. She has a mysterious ability that allows her to leap in the past for a very short period into the bodies of others, using it to help those around her. She is a bright and cheerful woman with a positive personality. Although she is a reporter, she is not skilled at taking pictures.


The Crooked Lawyer. Limbo A 27 year-old Lawyer, Limbo is known for bringing justice to even the toughest criminals in the courtroom. Although named the crooked lawyer, he is extremely skilled, and is popular in the city and seen as a hero of the people. He plays by his own rules, serving justice to those who need tamed. Born into an extremely wealthy family, Limbo is kind at heart.


At 28 years old, Shu is a heavy smoker who makes a living as a bounty killer by eliminating other hitmen. He is a top-class martial artist and specialised in long-range sniping. The best sniper in town, he has no other goals in life apart from executing those on the list left behind by his foster parents and mentor.


A Self-proclaimed Underground Boss. Scarecrow A 22 years-old cyber-geek and computer hacker famous on the internet for hacking, money laundering and stealing. Thanks to his abilities and connections, he is a self-proclaimed underground boss.


ESRB Rating Info
  • Violence
  • Blood
  • Suggestive Themes
  • Strong Language
  • Drug Reference
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