Gal*Gun Double Peace is back by popular demand as the series is finally unified on Nintendo Switch! Relive the Genre defining experience with protagonist Houdai as he is thrust into a world of love, lust, and insatiable hordes of schoolgirls. After being struck by the cupid angel Ekoro, our hero must fight off wave after wave of his fellow classmates using his “pheromone shot” or risk having all of his energy drained completely. Time is of the essence as failure to find his one true love by the end of the day will leave him forever alone… The hilarious cast of cute and colourful characters make for a heart-warmingly rich narrative combined with Gal*Gun’s staple anime-infused action adventure. The Switch version also comes with DLC fresh out of the box to enhance your academy escapades.
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An angel in training at the Angel Academy. She’s tasked with helping hopeless romantic, Houdai, in finding true love for her final exam. After things get a little out of hand it is up to her to guide Houdai in his efforts and protect him against hordes of his lustful peers in the hopes that she can still pass.
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Also looking to pass her final exams is Kurona, a michevious demon sent to make Houdai’s mission as difficult as possible. In order to pass her demon training she needs to collect “Mischief Makers” stamps or risk flunking entirely. To help her, she’s converted swarms of school girls to dish out harsh punishments on Houdai.
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Shinobu, along with her sister Maya, are demon hunters that were childhood friends with Houdai. After Houdai is pumped full of angelic power the group reunite to hunt down Kurona. Despite being the eldest, Shinobu is helpless at demon slaying and beneath her cold exterior lies a hidden lack of confidence in true Tsundere fashion.
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The younger of the two siblings, Maya is an exceptionally kind and powerful individual. Maya possess immense demon slaying powers that far surpass her older sibling. As a result, Maya can not only see demons but angels as well. While both sisters harbour feelings for Houdai, Maya is willing to put Shinobu’s happiness first.

Gorgeous anime-styled visuals now portable on Switch!

Take the classic on rail shooting fun with you to unlock and upgrade your abilities from anywhere! Feel every moment as the Switch adds touch-screen support for when you’re on the go in handheld mode.

The choice is yours!

With multiple endings to explore, every decision matters. Play through each narrative branch to unlock a host of new experiences with Gal*Gun’s wealth of characters until you find your Best Girl.

Play the story or challenge yourself in score-attack game modes!

As well as the story’s own scoring, Gal*Gun Double Peace is also host to a plethora of challenging game modes to challenge even the most seasoned shooter.

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